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Precision MMA’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program – The Finest in Poughkeepsie, NY

by Jamey Bazes

BJJ Brown Belt and Senior Student at Precision MMA near Poughkeepsie, NY


Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu

A lot has changed in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since it was first used by Royce Gracie to win the first Ultimate Fighting Championship back in 1993.  Back in the mid to late 90s, legitimate Poughkeepsie BJJ schools were very hard to come across, and if you were lucky enough to find one, chances are the instructor would not be a black belt or even close to expert level. Much of this was because the majority of black belts still resided in Brazil.

Fast forward to 2013 and not only is it not a novelty for a small town like Poughkeepsie, NY to have a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school with a black belt instructor, but it is not uncommon for even very rural and sparsely populated areas to have more than one school, not to mention the competition in larger urban areas.  Competition between BJJ schools is fierce these days and so each must try to offer the highest quality product and provide something that the others don’t so as to stand out and stay in business.

Poughkeepsie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Poughkeepsie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Precision MMA in Poughkeepsie New York is well aware of this competition, and because we truly care about our students we are constantly striving to provide the best instruction possible.  Precision stands out from the competitors in many ways.  One way we stand out is that we offer both Gi and No-Gi classes and equal emphasis on both.  While this is becoming more common, there are still many schools which are mainly one or the other, but Precision caters to both styles equally.



Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu

One of the more important ways in which our Poughkeepsie BJJ program stands out from others is that we place emphasis on takedowns.  There are still far too many schools that grapple exclusively from the knees and the students do not even realize how much this hurts their games.  All Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, MMA fights and street fights start from the feet, so whatever your motivation for training, if you are not learning takedowns your needs are not being met.  In fact, when someone takes BJJ classes at Precision MMA in Poughkeepsie New York, they are not learning one style of grappling, they are learning seven separate styles.  Our advanced no-gi classes are taught by two instructors who share the stage: a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and Professional MMA fighter is there to teach the ground game, and then the takedown instruction is provided by one of any number of our division one wrestlers.  As such, you will be learning not only BJJ, but Freestyle, Folk style and Greco-Roman Wrestling in our Jiu-Jitsu classes.  We also have elements of Russian Sambo and Catch As Catch Can Wrestling that are mixed in for added effect.

Likewise, our advanced Gi Jiu-Jitsu classes are taught by both a BJJ black belt and a world class Judo Black Belt.  Throws and trips from Kodokan Judo are emphasized on the feet and this is something that very few schools offer these days.  What we produce are students who are well rounded, who know how to perform and defend against takedowns both with and without the Gi, and who know all facets of the ground game, including leg locks, which are another area which many schools neglect because they are afraid of the risk of training with them.  However our school stresses safety in performing all techniques, another area that many Poughkeepsie area schools neglect.

Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu

All too often, BJJ schools are loosely run.   We have all seen those schools where every training session is fought like a tournament match, and this behavior causes injuries.  At Precision MMA, if an opponent refuses to tap to a submission, then catch and release is practiced, meaning that the hold will be relinquished.  We do not have an ego at Precision.  We also recognize that upper level belts can be tapped by lower level belts.  In fact, we hope that this happens because it shows improvement in the lower ranks.  We do not gossip at the end of the day about who tapped whom or make a big deal of it if a lower belt submits a higher one because we realize this is a natural result of regular training.  We feel it is important to stress good sportsmanship and the results speak for themselves.  Inevitably, if you train with an ego there will be a price to pay, whether it is an injury to yourself or a training partner, or simply a bullying mentality that is fostered.  A good Poughkeepsie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu studio should never encourage this.


In addition, we provide an atmosphere that is neither too loose nor too formal.  While respect for one’s instructors is paramount, the rigidly traditional routines of some schools can be off putting to some students who are new to the Martial Arts.  Precision MMA Jiu-Jitsu classes are run so that they are fun as well as character building and we like to think of our coaches as friends, not merely superiors.

Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Poughkeepsie Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Precision MMA also emphasizes hygiene and cleanliness in our BJJ facility, which is of the utmost importance these days.  With serious staph infections like MRSA and lesser skin afflictions around, keeping the mats sanitized is nothing to take lightly.  At Precision our mats are sprayed and mopped after every single class and our equipment sprayed down.  Students are also told not to train if they think they may have some sort of skin infection and the instructors keep a keen eye out for them so that nothing spreads. We pride ourselves on being the cleanest gym in all of Poughkeepsie.

Another distinguishing factor about Precision’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program is our structure: when it comes time to spar we do not choose our own partners without the instructors consent or sit out whenever we feel the desire.  Instead, our instructors are careful to place various students together for specific reasons.  Perhaps the teacher feels that a newer student needs the help of a senior one, so he will match them up.  Or maybe one student will be training for a competition and need to be matched with more skilled students to test them.   One student may be injured and need to train with someone more accustomed to going light.  Our instructors take all of these factors into account and none of our training is done randomly.

Finally, Precision MMA’s BJJ program caters to the specific needs of our students.  We know that different people train for different reasons so we cover all of our bases.  Some students train for self defense, and so which moves would be better or worse for a street fight scenario are discussed in class so that everyone is aware that not all moves should be used in all situations.  Since some students train for competition, we cover this as well, and make students aware of how many tournaments utilize their point systems.  Or if someone is simply at Precision to get in better shape, they can easily achieve this aim since our classes all have serious warm ups and conditioning exercises designed equally to aid with strength, flexibility, cardio and avoiding injuries.  We even have instructors who are knowledgeable about diet and who are willing to provide tips on nutrition for those interested in losing weight.

Overall, whatever your motivation for training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Precision MMA’s program will meet your needs.  We are confident you will not find all of these aspects covered at just any Poughkeepsie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school.  The proof is in the product, try us out for 30 days of free training and see for yourself.


To start your 30 Day FREE Trial of Poughkeepsie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu call 845-392-8495 or visit http://www.poughkeepsiebrazilianjiu-jitsu.com

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Dutchess County MMA Fighter Brian McLaughlin, owner and head instructor at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY gives advice on using martial arts as a tool for growth inside the ring and out.


Precision MMA is currently offering a FREE 30 Day trial to Dutchess County residents call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com to get started

Dutchess County MMA

Dutchess County MMA

Comfortably Uncomfortable

In MMA the saying “Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” is a very popular idiom.  The idea is that the path to personal growth and development is often achieved through a series of unfavorable crucibles. In 2007 I traveled far from Dutchess County to Atlantic City where I entered the Ring of Combat Beasts of the Northeast MMA Tournament.  After winning the initial bouts I found myself in the tournament finals. At one point I came across a fellow fighter, Charlie Brenneman, who was a finalist in the weight class above me. We were both waiting for the elevator and Charlie decided to engage me in friendly conversation. “Don’t you just love this?” he asked me.  “No! I hate fighting, I can’t wait until this is over” I replied. Charlie gave me a confused sideways look and decided against engaging me in further conversation.  While not making many friends, I was being brutally honest.

Part of me hates fighting.  Whenever I have an MMA match on the horizon everyday is filled with a combination of doubt, fear, anxiety and nervousness.  Prior to my first fight my coach had trouble wrapping my hands because they wouldn’t stop shaking.  Many people are perplexed when they discover my feelings towards fighting.  Everyone simply assumes that I enjoy fighting and I’m right at home under the bright lights of competition. When I’m standing in front of a sold out MMA crowd in Atlantic City I really wish I was at home in Dutchess County.  Upon discovering the truth I’m always asked why I continue to fight if it makes me so uncomfortable.  The reason is that once I went through a professional fight everything else in my life was easy by comparison.

I started MMA training at 15 years old.  Before I began training  MMA, nervousness and anxiety took over nearly every aspect of my life.  When I met people for the first time I couldn’t look them in the eye.  I used to walk with my head down. I was probably the least confident teenager in all of Dutchess County.  If I had to speak in front of a group my voice would quiver and I would start sweating profusely.  For my first couple of months sparring terrified me, but it allowed me to face my fears in a controlled and supportive environment.  Eventually getting choked, thrown and pinned by someone twice my size wasn’t so frightening. By putting myself regularly in uncomfortable situations I began to relax and my anxiety began to disappear and be replaced with a quiet confidence.  The self-assurance and composure I developed through regular training was incredible, but I knew it was the result of facing a real fear and conquering it.

In my case, I decided to fight MMA specifically because it terrified me.  At the time no one else in Dutchess County had ever fought MMA, I was in many ways entering uncharted territory. Once I had overcome the fear of confronting a professional fighter who was being paid to hurt me I knew I could handle anything.  College exams, public speaking, even opening a business were nothing compared to being locked in a cage with someone being paid to hurt you. Anytime I feel anxiety creeping in from a situation I ask myself “is this worse that any fight you’ve been in?”. Now very few things cause me to doubt myself or truly frighten me. By placing myself in stressful situations and confronting my fears and doubts I gained a confidence and self reliance I never thought I’d posses. I truly think a martial artist should at times embrace truly stressful situations or even intentionally create them.  I even preach this in my kid classes. When one of my young students hurts themselves they don’t start crying and looking for sympathy, they work through it (Pit bulls not Poodles is our saying). MMA fighting is an extreme example and I’m not trying to get everyone in Dutchess County to climb into a cage. However, I believe everyone should think of ways to challenge them self in training and at times be genuinely uncomfortable. Whether it’s pushing a little harder when you’re completely exhausted or rolling with someone much bigger and stronger than you – when you survive the anxiety you’ll walk away a stronger, prouder person.

If you live in Dutchess County and would like to begin MMA training check out Precision MMA’s 30 Day FREE Trial call 845-392-8495 or click here 

Dutchess County MMA

Dutchess County MMA

Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY – the best Dutchess County MMA

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Dutchess County MMA – Fight Stories from Precision MMA

Dutchess County MMA

Dutchess County MMA

Brian McLaughlin is the head instructor at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY.  He is also Dutchess County’s only Pro MMA champion.  This is his story about winning his second MMA title in Ring of Combat.

Going into Ring of Combat 17 I was tired – both physically and mentally.  MMA Competition is an exhilarating experience.  You are in a high pressure situation and your skills, abilities and mental toughness are put on display for the whole world to see.  You train hard and prepare yourself physically to the point that you’re in peak condition, but in a way you are never more vulnerable.

In 2007 I was 23 years old and ready to take one the world, I felt like I was the toughest man in Dutchess County.  I started my competitive run in the spring in Ring of Combat. I took on BJJ Black Belt Carmine Zocchi at 170 pounds.  I usually fought at 155 but after multiple opponents dropped out I decided to step up in weight in order to have an opponent.  I used my smaller stature to my advantage by utilizing speed in transitions to lock in a first round submission.  Two months later on a whim I hopped into a 200 pound pro grappling tournament, once again going up in weight for the chance to compete.  I grappled through some tough guys taking 2nd in the division.  A few short weeks later I was back on the mat winning a grappling superfight at the Diamond State games.  All this grappling was really just while I waited for a promoter to offer me a fight.  My opportunity came when I was invited to fight at Ring of Combat 15 in September. The fight was in Atlantic City, a long way from Dutchess County.  An intense and grueling training camp resulted in an easy victory.  A 32 second first round submission made a big impression.  With back to back submission wins in the organization I was now going to be fighting for the title at Ring of Combat 17 and a potential $13,000 purse.

The problem was that the non-stop competition was starting to catch up with me.  Aches and pains mixed with mental fatigue and anxiety about the coming fight.  A few days before the fight I started having trouble catching my breath, I would go into a fit of coughing any time I raised my heart rate.  Sure enough, I had bronchitis.

Warming up for the fight I grappled lightly with my friend for all of 5 minutes and it left me completely exhausted.  I knew my conditioning wouldn’t hold up for a 15 minute fight.  The last thing I wanted was to drive back to Dutchess County with a loss.

Climbing into the ring I tried to project an air of confidence when in reality I was scared to death. My opponent was also riding a winning streak, undefeated in his career. He looked like a walking ball of muscle.  The one comforting thought I had as the bell sounded was “At least it will be over soon”.

I fired one punch and he immediately clinched and threw me to the ground.  I threw up a submission and he slammed me like a pitbull playing with a chew toy.  Then, for just a second he made his mistake. He left one of his arms in my guard.  I quickly seized the opportunity and slapped on my triangle choke, a move that has saved me more times than I can remember.  He tried to slam his way out, but this time I was ready and hooked his leg to avoid being picked up.  Three taps later and I was $13,000 richer.

The real satisfaction wasn’t in the money or the title though – it was knowing that at my most vulnerable, at my weakest, my training was there for me.  This had been my toughest crucible yet and my jiu-jitsu guided me through.

If you live in Dutchess County and dream of one day being an MMA champion check out Precision MMA’s 30 Day Free Trial call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com

Precision MMADutchess County’s home for authentic mixed martial arts!

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Untold Stories of Hudson Valley MMA Fighters

Hudson Valley MMA

Big John – Hudson Valley MMA

I’m sorry Sir, but these seats are reserved for The Hell’s Angels…

To be fair they weren’t seats, but pick nick tables. Ordinarily I believe fighters should have preferred seating, but in this instance I was willing to look elsewhere.

I was unfamiliar with the social mores of biker rallies, I was going to have to learn as I went.  We weren’t here for the Harleys, we came for a fight.  This was a unique situation as pugilism goes. A bit different than the Hudson Valley MMA scene.  We were far from the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas or Atlantic City.  We were at the black thorn biker ralley in the far reaches of upstate New York. The Empire state hadn’t sanctioned MMA yet, so the legality of these bouts was far from certain.

The fight promoter was a minister; bouts were contested in a pro wrestling ring outside in the pouring rain. In addition to the rules of the bout, fighters were given specific procedures and instructions to follow in the event of a biker riot.

On paper some would say we were an underdog.  Our fighter was not your typical Hudson Valley MMA prospect – a 46 years old chiropractor father of two.  He divided his time at the gym with little league games and parent teacher nights.  The opponent was a 21 year old war tested Marine.  However, fights are not contested on paper and despite being only a few years shy of AARP benefits “Big John” was 245 pounds of granite and steel.  He was a salt of the Earth type who liked big game hunting and rodeo competitions.  He had lethal submissions, but in reality he could make most men tap with a firm handshake.

After wading through a small river of mud we made our way to the ring where I heard a familiar shrill of support instructing Big John to “break his femur” customary pre-fight advice from my student Cliff.  Our opponent was riding high with confidence off the cheers of support from the soldiers in the crowd, but once he locked eyes with John I could tell part of him wished he was somewhere else.

The fight started off with a big right hand, quick double leg and lightning fast Kimura – in just over 90 seconds we earned a submission.  The ref halted the bout, but much like Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 didn’t realize that a tap ended the bout. Infuriated Big John stares down his opponent and says, “No Bullsh*t, you know you tapped” – his opponent, realizing that a rematch wasn’t going to end much better for him, reluctantly nodded his head and accepted defeat. We had our victory and I logged one more story for the grand kids.


So where did Big John learn his incredible MMA skills?  At the best Hudson Valley MMA school – Precision MMA in LAGrange, NY 

Try Precision’s Hudson Valley MMA program FREE for 30 Days call 845-392-8495 or visit http://www.bjjfighter.com


Nov 102012

Poughkeepsie Jiu-Jitsu

Poughkeepsie jiu-jitsu

Poughkeepsie jiu-jitsu

Precision MMA‘s Poughkeepsie jiu-jitsu team recently competed at the New York State Grappling Championship in Albany, NY.  Precision MMA has long been known as one of the best Poughkeepsie jiu-jitsu teams on the local circuit, but this was a big step up in competition.  Competitors traveled close to 100 miles and did not plan on going home empty handed – and they certainly didn’t.

With multiple first place finishes the team scored highlight worthy submissions as well as high flying takedowns and throws.  Precision’s Poughkeepsie jiu-jitsu team included teenagers, college students and adults in their 30’s and 40’s all competing side by side.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed, once all the scores were tallied Precision MMA took 3rd in the state wide tournament.  The tournament was organized by NAGA – the North American Grappling Association, the largest grappling circuit in the world today.  This was their largest and most prestigious tournament in the state of New York.

Precision MMA was the only Poughkeepsie jiu-jitsu to rank in the top 10.  This performance is a reflection of the elite black belt instruction which Poughkeepsie jiu-jitsu students receive on a daily basis at Precision MMA.

If you would like to train with the top Poughkeepsie jiu-jitsu team check out Precision MMA FREE for 30 Days.  Just call 845-392-8495 or visit http://www.BJJFighter.com to get started.


Sep 132012

Hudson Valley residents now have dedicated Poughkeepsie Boxing training center at Precision MMA

Poughkeepsie Boxing

Poughkeepsie Boxing

Precision’s Poughkeepsie Boxing program is open to people of all ages and experience levels, from first day beginners to elite professional boxers and mixed martial artists.  For years, Hudson Valley residents had to choose from two extremes in the Poughkeepsie Boxing world.  The first were ‘boxercising gyms’.  These were health clubs that had nice facilities and amenities, but minimally trained instructors with very unrealistic training.  If you were serious about learning the sweet science and taking your training into the ring, you were out of luck.  The second option for those seeking Poughkeepsie Boxing were the hardcore ‘dungeon gyms”.  Although these gyms often had legitimate fighters on staff, the facilities were often in ruins and the gyms were located in dangerous neighborhoods.  Often times new boxers would be ignored or used as punching bags for the more seasoned boxers.

Precision’s Poughkeepsie Boxing program is different.  Our staff is made up of real boxers including 3 time NY state Golden Gloves Champion Derek Ohlhoff and AKBF Boxing Champion John Joy.  Our training program is reaslistic and battle tested.  However, we also have a specially crafted fundamentals program specifically designed for the brand new Poughkeepsie Boxing student.  You won’t get beat up and no one is ever forced to spar.

So whether you’re looking to get in great shape and experience the thrill of learning boxing or if you’d like to have your name up in lights and step into the ring Precision MMA’s Poughkeepsie Boxing program can get you to your goals.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495 or visit http://www.poughkeepsieboxing.com and get started on your FREE 30 Day trial.