Mar 252014

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts

This weekend Precision MMA had four of it’s youngest students competing at the NAGA event in Albany.  All four kids arrived up there and gave their best in matches in both gi and no gi divisions.  Any tournament can be tough on competitors.  You are no means guaranteed a win, regardless of how well prepared you are.  There are tough opponents and bad match ups in every bracket.  The kids of Precision MMA had no easy fights, but whatever the outcome they gave their opponents tough fights and never wavered in their effort or resolve.

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Lucas  took in both the 1st gi and no gi.  He looked dominant in his matches and really left it all on the mat.  Lucas has been training for just under a year, but he has a promising future in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  This is Lucas’ first shot at competing and he really had a great showing.  He finished really strong, which is very hard for a  kid to do.

Aiden earned third in gi had real tough opponents in no gi.  Aiden had a tough set of opponents.  The area where Aiden looked dominant was in the take downs.  Many of his opponents chose to pull guard rather than get taken down and give up those points.  One match had him score a really nice double leg after getting swept.  However, Aiden’s opponent had a real tough guard and ultimately lost in what was a real great match.  Aiden has been really successful in previous competitions, so although he did not win gold he knew that he gave his best.

Flapjack second in the gi and the no gi divisions and showed some really nice triangle setups.  He showed real composure and patient with his techniques.  A mark of true progress in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to be able to be calm and relaxed in any scenario.  Sometimes that calm is hard to come by in bad situations.  It can be even harder to stay calm when you are in the driver seat with a locked up submission.  On more than one occasion Flapjack found himself with his opponent in a triangle.  Flapjack secured postion, swept and finished these triangles with a casual ease uncommon in kids his age.  This is Flapjack’s first taste of competition and he really thrived out there on the mats.

Richard subbed everyone he faced.  He controlled all phases of his matches and showed real quality.  He had smooth take downs and great sweeps and control.  Double gold in his first tournament is no mean feat.  He really put on a show and worked his techniques to perfection.  Some of his opponents got dispirited and started to lose heart.  Richard showed real sportsmanship in victory. It can be real easy to gloat and showboat after a victory.  Richard had the sportsmanship to be a gracious victor.

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All the kids had great tournaments and showed technique and sportsmanship are not mutually exclusive.  Whether winning or losing they had good attitudes.  A big hats off to the coaches and the parents.  People are a product of their environment and it could not be more clear that these kids are really great.  They have a bright future in grappling and the lessons they are learning and reaffirming on the mat are translating into other areas of their life.





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Mar 182014

Boxing classes in Poughkeepsie

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Poughkeepsie Boxing

Dan Power and Paul Maley have both won their second round of the New York State Golden Gloves.  Dan and Paul have transitioned from newcomers to the sport of boxing to seasoned veterans.  Dan and Paul starting training a few years now, and Boxing classes in Poughkeepsie have been a mainstay of their regimen.  Their persistence matched with an amazing and supportive coaching staff has Dan and Paul on the right track to a bright future in Boxing.

Dan Power is a straight forward boxer.  He applies constant pressure to every opponent from the opening til the closing bell.  On any given night he can be seen taking class after class.  Dan’s cardiovascular endurance is second to none.  It is something to behold to watch him work on techniques for hours and not tire.  Once you get him in the ring he is a real handful for any opponent, regardless of their style.

Paul Maley returns to the Golden Gloves after losing a hotly contested decision in last year’s final.  Paul is a fast paced fighter who hits with precision and timing.  If last years showing is any indication, Paul will be a real contender to win it all this year.  Last year’s loss in the final is a real tough way to go out.  Disappointment can be apart of any sportive endeavor and Boxing is one sport where tight wins and losses are common.  In spite of this Paul has come back for another shot at the gold.

Derek Ohlhoff is the runs Boxing classes in Poughkeepsie and is a dedicated and experienced coach.  Derek is a three time Golden Gloves Champion and brings years of competitive and coaching experience to the table.   He coached another boxer  in Pat Daka to a Golden Gloves championship last year and is eager to see more of his students succeed.

Stay tuned to see what happens with Paul and Dan this year.  Win or lose they are sure to put on a show and gain valuable experience.  Boxing classes in Poughkeepsie are a great way to achieve all that Paul and Dan have accomplished.  Come in today and try our FREE 30 day trial and private lesson.  Stop in, give us a call at 845-392-8495 or go to our website at 

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Poughkeepsie Boxing

Mar 092014

In many ways training martial arts is easier today than ever before.  The popularity of MMA competition has made arts such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai more accessible to the public.  The internet has allowed techniques to travel across the world in a matter of seconds.  Schools such as Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY now have experts in striking and grappling under the same roof in large world class facilities.  When I began training in the 90′s BJJ and muay thai were unknown.  There were very few training partners to work with and the gyms were small “hole in the wall” facilities.  Instructional videos were few and far between.  Gyms would not mix their styles so I would have to travel to one gym for boxing, another for jiu-jitsu, another for muay thai and still another for wrestling.

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Martial arts today is almost a completely different world in 2014.  However, one thing has remained constant – the essential steps for success.  Half my life has been dedicated to training and in that time I have narrowed the path to greatness down to a three step recipe.

#1 Make martial arts a priority in your life

Seems simple enough, but this is the most neglected step in the success formula.  If you want to become great at something it has to become a lifestyle.  Our priorities are things that hold a strong place in our daily routines.  They are the things that must get done.  Other things must work around our priorities.  This can come up in many ways in our daily life.  For example, if you want to add a “movie night” to your weekly routine make sure it’s not during your class time.  If you have a test to study for wake up earlier or go to bed later, but do not allow it to replace your mat time.  If there is a time draining activity like playing video games or watching reality TV that makes getting to class difficult eliminate it.  Treat your training time like a no-excuse, must attend obligation and success will be difficult to avoid.  Additionally, make sure your lifestyle supports your martial arts training.  This may mean prioritizing rest so that you can properly recover from hard sessions or improving your diet so you have the fuel to make it through long sessions.

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#2 Show up

Their is an old saying that 80% of success is simply showing up. If you are absent from class you’ll never pass the test.  People will often tell me how important martial arts is in their life, but actions speak louder than words.  The ones who mean are those with the most marks on their attendance card.  Additionally, the more your are in class the more your instructor can understand your learning style and physical abilities as well as limitations.  A teacher and student that work together on a regular and uninterrupted basis have an understanding that brings out the best in both of them.  Your ability to get to class is directly proportional to how much of a priority you’ve made martial arts in your life, in that way the first two steps are forever linked.


#3 Training the right way

Sometimes the biggest determinant of success is not simply the hours you put in, but what you put into the hours.  When it’s time to train turn your cell phone off, focus your mind and commit yourself wholly to improving.  Drill with a purpose, ask questions when confused, follow your coaches advice, step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself.  There are some people with 10 years of experience and then others with one year repeated ten times.  The difference is the amount of effort that is put forth in expanding one’s abilities.  If you struggle with your guard begin rolling from your back, if your head movement is lacking make yourself do rounds of pure defense – don’t avoid your pitfalls, but rather face them head on.

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Precision MMA LaGrange, NY


This is the formula used by myself and many others to find success inside the four walls at Precision MMA.  The nice part of this recipe is that it doesn’t rely on anything other than hard work and dedication abilities which are naturally within the grasp of all.  Choose to be successful!







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Precision MMA Lagrange, NY


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Author Brian McLaughlin is the head coach at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY.  He is a Tampa Gracie black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as well as a former professional mixed martial artist with over 15 years of training.

Mar 062014

Precision MMA prides itself on having the top instructors in the Hudson Valley.  Our coaching staff includes muay thai champions, division1 wrestlers, BJJ Black belts, golden gloves boxers and MMA fighters who combined represent over 100 years of martial arts knowledge.

However, no coaching staff knows everything.  One of the unique things about Precision MMA is that several times a year we bring in elite experts for intensive seminars so that our staff and students alike can learn fresh techniques from some of the world’s most erudite instructors.

To help build our MMA and BJJ programs UFC superstars Jim and Dan Miller came to Precision, focusing on techniques they have made work inside the octagon.  The seminar included throws and takedowns as well as a myriad of chokes that Jim and Dan have used to submit the very best fighters in the world.

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Poughkeepsie MMA at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY










For striking Precision MMA head coach Brian McLaughlin brought in his personal muay thai coach, the legendary Kaensak Sor Ploenjit.  Kaensak is the only fighter in muay thai histroy to be twice awarded the prestigious title of “fighter of the year”.  Kaensak taught his innovative and flashy muay thai style that has allowed him to become one of the most sought after strikers in the entire world

kaensak and Karl 300x200 Learning from the worlds best   Precision MMA Lagrange, NY

Poughkeepsie MMA at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY









To check out Kaensak in action watch the video below:

Precision has also played host to seminars from Tampa Gracie black belt Matt Arroyo, BJJ legend Dave Camarillo and numerous other elite coaches.

The next seminar coming to Precision MMA will be Javier Vazquez, famous for his “strike based jiu-jitsu” system, which is fast becoming the number 1 system for self defense based ground fighting.  Javier is a decorated BJJ champion, UFC veteran and learns first hand from the Gracie family. Javi will be coming to Precision the first week in May, mark your calendars!

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Poughkeepsie MMa at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY










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