Mar 102016

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Mixed Martial Arts fighters out of Precision MMA.

First we had Alec Hooben returning to action against tough veteran Jordan Mitchell.  Hooben jumped up a weight class to take on his heavyweight opponent after a string of other fighters backed out.  Despite battling a nasty head cold and a 40 pound weight disadvantage Hooben was able to secure the unanimous decision victory after scoring numerous takedowns and ground and pound.

hoob 225x300 Precision MMA fighters in Action

Hooben with head coach Brian McLaughlin

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Next up was Sean “Shorty-Rock” Santella.  Sean is coach Brian’s protege and has his sights set on the UFC.  At CFFC ion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sean earned his 15th professional victory and extended his winning streak.  Sean was dominant throughout the bout landing spinning back fists, high kicks, and dominated his BJJ Black Belt opponent on the ground securing numerous close submissions.



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Next up is Precision Muay Thai coach Karl “Mr. Fantastic” Nemeth as he defends his 145 Kaged Kombat MMA Title in Saratoga, NY.  His opponent TJ George is curently the #2 ranked fighter in the state and riding a 7 fight winning streak.  With a victory, coach Karl will cement his place as the top fighter in the region.


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Poughkeepsie MMA


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Jun 302014

Precision MMA

Jim Miller has a fight coming up against Donald Cerrone.  This is a dream matchup for the fans.  Both Miller and Cerrone are two of the most exciting fighters the lightweight division and even the UFC has.  This is guaranteed to be a barn burner of epic proportions.  Both fighters bring a real finishing prowess to the table and it could become a classic fight much like Miller’s brawl with Joe Lauzon.  The fight also has serious implications for the UFC title picture.  Their are many fighters who have a shot coming to them and Jim and Donald are two of the top guys.  Both fighters are on win streaks and have been legit contenders for years.  This fight should be a can’t miss event for even a casual fight fan.

Donald Cerrone brings an impressive 23-6 record into the cage.  Only five of those wins have gone to a decision.  His loses are to a murderer’s row of fighters, the majority of which were titleholders in the UFC or WEC.  He is also very hard to put away.  His only two stoppage loses are to Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis.  Miller also has an impressive record with 24 wins and only four loses.  He has been stopped only once in his career and that was by the always dangerous Nate Diaz.  When it comes to winning, Miller does it with almost monotonous regularity.  Miller is a finisher with 14 wins by way of submission and three by TKO or KO.  He has the striking, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to give anyone problems.  His submission game has been where has had most of his recent success, with both of his last two wins coming in the first round by submission.  One of those victories came over MMA veteran and BJJ blackbelt Fabricio Camoes.

Jim Miller has been training extensively with Precision MMA coaches Karl Nemeth and Brian Mclaughlin.  Karl has been sparring with Jim to prepare him for Cerrone’s very nuanced attacking style.  Cerrone has an excellent jab and uses it for offense better than perhaps anyone in MMA.  Cerrone has his background in kickboxing that also makes his kicks and knees very dangerous.  Karl is a very good kickboxing and is doing his best to imitate the movement and attacks Cerrone throws at his competitors.  Brian has been working with Jim to improve his already lethal ground game.  Jim is becoming harder to hit on the ground, while simultaneously becoming a submission ace.  Jim is dangerous off his back or on top.  Noted BJJ pioneer and avid MMA fan Eddie Bravo recently said that Miller had one of the most dangerous guards in all of MMA.

Precision MMA 2 Precision MMA Coaches Train UFC Fighter

Precision MMA

Jim and Donald will provide a real test for one another and should have a very entertaining fight.  They are veterans who like to fight and who really go for the finish.  I am looking forward to this fight more than any other in recent memory.

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Apr 082014

Precision Mixed Martial Arts: Training with Respect

Precision MMA is a gym that sets itself apart from other MMA gyms.  The culture of a gym is one of the most important aspects of training.  A gym can have amazing facilities and tons of space, but if the mindset is off the training is still going to be lacking.  Precision MMA has always made every effort to make itself a place where anyone can learn.  Whether a student is a physical specimen or and average person, Precision makes sure they are included.  Respect for your instructors and training partners and safety is stressed from the start of your first class onward.

Many pro level MMA fighters are starting to embrace a philosophy of training with more intelligence and less full tilt action.  This realization that getting knocked out in practice or not tapping for any reason is starting to show in the marked improvement in technique in all levels of MMA.  Recently Johnny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler had an amazing title fight in the UFC.  Before the fight they both talked about their training regimens and how they prepare.  They both said they focused on lower intensity particularly in sparring .  Avoiding Damage was their primary concern.  This is a strategy that works on everyone, newcomers to world champs.

 Many gyms are all about competition and ego.  The classes become smaller versions of tournaments and the students clash in ways that are not conducive to learning.  Some gyms stress winning to the point that every sparring session becomes a matter of life or death.  This has become the stereotype of MMA gyms and many places do nothing to dispel this notion.  Partners are going for the kill rather than learning and making each other better.   Injuries are frequent and often viewed as a sign of weakness rather than as unfortunate side effect of training to hard.  Theses gyms make the victor feel amazing at the expense of the vanquished, rather than making both gain new and better techniques.   MMA has in some instances become the sport of meat heads.  MMA can be a dangerous sport to train.  It is inherently dangerous to compete in, adding to that danger in practice is not smart.

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts 300x224 The Martial Arts and Respect: A Look at the Culture of Precision MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

Precision MMA has always taken the greatest caution in creating their class structure.  Technically sound training and execution of moves is stressed.  Safety is also a prime concern.  Many people want to train as hard as possible, especially newer students, and do not realize the damage they could be doing to themselves.  It is on the instructors to ensure that the students are being smart about how they train.  Dangerous techniques can be practiced in a safe way.  You can be put in an armbar or a chokehold and not break an arm or blackout.  You do not need to hurt yourself or someone else in order to train.  In fact if you do injure anyone it will hurt your ability to learn.  Training partners are one of the most valuable assets you have.  Keeping them in class and sharp is how to learn the fastest.  Respecting your training partners health and safety is connected to not letting your ego make the decisions in the gym.  The martial arts are about learning and becoming a better and more respectful person.

12076823 precision front 300x177 The Martial Arts and Respect: A Look at the Culture of Precision MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

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