Jun 302014

Precision MMA

Jim Miller has a fight coming up against Donald Cerrone.  This is a dream matchup for the fans.  Both Miller and Cerrone are two of the most exciting fighters the lightweight division and even the UFC has.  This is guaranteed to be a barn burner of epic proportions.  Both fighters bring a real finishing prowess to the table and it could become a classic fight much like Miller’s brawl with Joe Lauzon.  The fight also has serious implications for the UFC title picture.  Their are many fighters who have a shot coming to them and Jim and Donald are two of the top guys.  Both fighters are on win streaks and have been legit contenders for years.  This fight should be a can’t miss event for even a casual fight fan.

Donald Cerrone brings an impressive 23-6 record into the cage.  Only five of those wins have gone to a decision.  His loses are to a murderer’s row of fighters, the majority of which were titleholders in the UFC or WEC.  He is also very hard to put away.  His only two stoppage loses are to Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis.  Miller also has an impressive record with 24 wins and only four loses.  He has been stopped only once in his career and that was by the always dangerous Nate Diaz.  When it comes to winning, Miller does it with almost monotonous regularity.  Miller is a finisher with 14 wins by way of submission and three by TKO or KO.  He has the striking, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to give anyone problems.  His submission game has been where has had most of his recent success, with both of his last two wins coming in the first round by submission.  One of those victories came over MMA veteran and BJJ blackbelt Fabricio Camoes.

Jim Miller has been training extensively with Precision MMA coaches Karl Nemeth and Brian Mclaughlin.  Karl has been sparring with Jim to prepare him for Cerrone’s very nuanced attacking style.  Cerrone has an excellent jab and uses it for offense better than perhaps anyone in MMA.  Cerrone has his background in kickboxing that also makes his kicks and knees very dangerous.  Karl is a very good kickboxing and is doing his best to imitate the movement and attacks Cerrone throws at his competitors.  Brian has been working with Jim to improve his already lethal ground game.  Jim is becoming harder to hit on the ground, while simultaneously becoming a submission ace.  Jim is dangerous off his back or on top.  Noted BJJ pioneer and avid MMA fan Eddie Bravo recently said that Miller had one of the most dangerous guards in all of MMA.

Precision MMA

Precision MMA

Jim and Donald will provide a real test for one another and should have a very entertaining fight.  They are veterans who like to fight and who really go for the finish.  I am looking forward to this fight more than any other in recent memory.

If you want to train with coaches who know the ins and outs of the fight game and are sought after by high level pro fighters come to Precision MMA.  We offer a FREE 30 day trial and private lesson.  Stop by, give us a call at 845-392-8495 or go to our website at www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com


Jun 302014

Poughkeepsie Boxing Classes

When the Precision Boxing team goes into competition they often have to go far from home to fight.  Traveling hours to Box can be very taxing for the fighter and means that not many friends or family will make it out to cheer.  On July 19th a few of Precision’s finest Boxers will be fighting close to home.  Stitzel Field in Poughkeepsie will play host to this great night of fights.  This is a great opportunity to see some of the areas best boxers compete on their home turf.  This promises to be a real special night for both fighter and fan alike.

Poughkeepsie Boxing Classes

Poughkeepsie Boxing Classes










Three of Precision’s Boxers will be fighting on the 19th.  Instructor John Joy, students Paul Maley and Brandon Mohamed will represent Precision in the ring on a huge night for local boxing.  John Joy has been teaching at Precision for a few years now, and is a very technical and experienced fighter.  Paul and Brandon are also very experienced and have fought on many cards before.  They also bring a very technical style of boxing to the ring.  They all train under Derrick Ohlhoff.  Derrick is a coach who brings his own fighting experience and years of instructing students into every class.  Derrick is one of the areas most sought after coaches.









One of Derrick’s most high profile fighters is Zuri Lawrence.  Zuri is a regular at Precision and has over forty pro fights to his credit.  Lawrence is making his comeback later this year in Syracuse.  Lawrence has been working diligently with Derrick to gain what would be his 25th victory.  Lawrence will also be celebrating his twentieth year as a pro boxer, he started fighting in 1994.  His long and successful career is a sure sign of his boxing prowess.

If you want to start training come into Precision MMA today.  We offer a FREE 30 day trial and private introductory lesson.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, stop in or go to our website www.poughkeepsieboxing.com. 

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Jun 232014

Poughkeepsie Boxing Classes-Hudson Valley Boxing

Boxing is a great sport for a variety of reasons.  A participant in boxing can derive many benefits from training.  While many people may want to fight in a ring or try their hand at amateur or professional boxing, most people just want to train for the sake of training.  Two of the main benefits of taking boxing classes are an increased ability to defend yourself and getting yourself into terrific shape. Boxing classes can offer many other benefits, but these two are the most prevalent and easy to achieve.

Boxing classes is an underrated martial art for self-defense.  Many people think of boxing as just a contest of who can throw either the harder punches or more punches.  Offense is only half of what you learn in a boxing class and the other half is far more nuanced and in depth.  Any first lesson in a boxing class should include footwork.  A boxers ability to move is a huge predictor of success in a fight.  A boxer who can move in and out is one that will be able to not only land more punches, but also not get hit.  Controlling the distance at which a fight is fought is how you stop yourself from being hit in a street fight.  Before any new student can spare, they have to learn how to not get hit.  Head movement and other evasive tactics can be used in both organized fights and street fights.  A boxer who uses head movement in the ring is a sight to behold, constantly confusing his opponents and leaving them out of position.  A person who can use boxing head movement to avoid getting hit in a self-defense scenario is in very little danger from the average guy on the street picking a fight.  Combine head movement and footwork and a person becomes a nearly untouchable.

Boxing classes can have you in the best shape of your life.  A typical boxing class has many different workouts on any given day.  The start is typically a footwork drill or jumping rope.  It moves on to mitt work and and pad holding.  The major part of class is learning techniques and then repeating them while the instructor monitors and makes sure form is perfect.  The average boxing class consists of a whole body workout.  Punches, when they are properly learned, are a full body workout that utilizes leg, arm and core muscles.  Throwing punches in combination enhances this work out.  At the end of a boxing class your feet or lower legs are sore from the footwork and jump ropes.  Your arms are sore from punching and parrying punches.  The whole experience is one of the most fun and rewarding workouts I have ever experienced.

Poughkeepsie Boxing Classes

Poughkeepsie Boxing Classes

If you are interested in Boxing Classes come in to Precision MMA today.  We offer a FREE 30 day trial and private introductory lesson.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, stop in or go to our website at www.poughkeepsieboxing.com.

Jun 092014

Precision MMA: Real World Self Defense

What is your safety worth to you?  The answer to that question should be everything.  Your health, or in more severe cases your life, is one of the most precious, fragile and eminently perishable assets you have.  Getting injured or hospitalized in any way is an event that can radically alter your life, leaving you crippled and in pain where health and vitality used to be.  In a moment of senseless violence your life could become appreciably worse.  It may seem like hyperbole, but getting into a violent altercation is not something you have to inflate to make it into something scary.  There are costs that come along with learning self defense.  The martial arts come with membership dues, buying equipment and the time it takes to properly learn them.  These costs are insignificant when they are weighed against the dangers of inaction.

Nick Formichelli is a Corrections Officer who recently was called into action to stop a potentially serious situation.  Nick is on a response team that is called in to assist if an inmate attacks an officer.  Nick has previously trained in Boxing and that had been his typical approach to altercations.  When he came upon the inmate and officer involved in this fight, they were on the ground wrestling for top position.  The inmate attempted to grab Nick’s legs and take him down as well.  To the inmate’s surprise he found out that Nick had been practicing the sprawl the previous day at Precision.  Nick kicked back his own legs to prevent the take-down and put his weight down on the inmate.  This move was efficient and quick and stopped the inmate from doing any further harm.  Nick was able to resolve the situation with minimal harm to all involved.  He stopped an violent altercation with a quick and precise response.  

Nick has been a Corrections Officer for twenty years.  He had been a Precision MMA student for just 30 days.  He learned enough to keep stop an inmate from hurting anyone in thirty days.  Watch the video below to hear in his own words what happened.  If you want to learn real world self defense then come in to Precision MMA today.  Stop in, give us a call at 845-392-8495 or go to our website at www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com.

Jun 052014

Teaching Your Children Honor and Respect With the Martial Arts

 At Precision MMA children are taught the value of honor and respect and how to become a person with honor and respect.  To become an honorable person who respects others and oneself is a worthwhile goal.  Unfortunately these can be difficult values to instill in children.  The martial arts are a great way of molding your child into a better person.

Honorable people are people who fulfill obligations and act in a manner that leaves no suspicion about their moral uprightness.  They are honest and fair in their dealings with others.    Integrity and honesty are important parts of being honorable.   To make someone into a person who is honorable you must first give them the idea that being honorable is a worthwhile goal.  The martial arts make a person honorable through the daily practices and challenges.  Every class offers new chances for the children to test themselves both mentally and physically.  The attitude of the students is a major factor in belt promotions.  Students who are gracious winners and show class and perseverance in losing are those who go far in class, and ultimately in life.  

Respect is a quality that Precision MMA tries very hard to impart to it’s students.  All students are required to stand at attention when the instructor is teaching a technique or imparting some wisdom at the end of a long training session.  This ensures that the children will be paying attention and that they won’t be a distraction for any other students.  Respect for your peers is also important at Precision.  The kids in class are always taught to be good partners.  This ranges from being respectful and conscientious of other people, to training in a safe manner.  The children are told to never discourage partners or gloat after doing well.  

Come in to Precision MMA today and try our FREE 30 day trial and private introductory lesson.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, stop in or go to our website at www.lagrangemartialarts.com.


Jun 012014

jiu-jitsuingWhether you’re a student at Precision Mixed Martial Arts or not, coach Brian has made his BJJ technique database available for free to anyone interested in learning BJJ or any grappling art.

Brian has 13 years of experience in BJJ and has a black belt under Rob Kahn, who was one of the first black belts under the legendary Royce Gracie.  Whether you’re an experienced grappler or completely new to the mats, you can learn something from learn to Grapple

You can find Brian’s free grappling resource here.

We hope you find this useful.  Make sure to drill plenty in order to stay sharp!