Jun 052014

Teaching Your Children Honor and Respect With the Martial Arts

 At Precision MMA children are taught the value of honor and respect and how to become a person with honor and respect.  To become an honorable person who respects others and oneself is a worthwhile goal.  Unfortunately these can be difficult values to instill in children.  The martial arts are a great way of molding your child into a better person.

Honorable people are people who fulfill obligations and act in a manner that leaves no suspicion about their moral uprightness.  They are honest and fair in their dealings with others.    Integrity and honesty are important parts of being honorable.   To make someone into a person who is honorable you must first give them the idea that being honorable is a worthwhile goal.  The martial arts make a person honorable through the daily practices and challenges.  Every class offers new chances for the children to test themselves both mentally and physically.  The attitude of the students is a major factor in belt promotions.  Students who are gracious winners and show class and perseverance in losing are those who go far in class, and ultimately in life.  

Respect is a quality that Precision MMA tries very hard to impart to it’s students.  All students are required to stand at attention when the instructor is teaching a technique or imparting some wisdom at the end of a long training session.  This ensures that the children will be paying attention and that they won’t be a distraction for any other students.  Respect for your peers is also important at Precision.  The kids in class are always taught to be good partners.  This ranges from being respectful and conscientious of other people, to training in a safe manner.  The children are told to never discourage partners or gloat after doing well.  

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