Nov 302018

Precision Fighter Garret Volpe made it to the front cover of the Poughkeepsie Journal this Friday. If you met Garret Volpe today, you would have no idea that two years ago he was forced to face his own mortality. As  a committed athlete who trains tirelessly and is constantly seeking new information on nutrition and fitness, it was a complete shock for him to find out that he was facing heart failure. After Volpe was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, and beneath his muscular frame his heart was functioning at approximately 40% of normal rate. Those who know Garrett would attest that he is not only in good shape, but a living embodiment of peak physical fitness. His family, friends, coaches and teammates were in dismay and disbelief, but none more than Garrett himself. He has dedicated years of his life to training martial arts, in hopes of pursuing his long-time dream of fighting in a mixed martial arts bout. This dream is what kept him in positive spirits, despite being told that he may need a heart transplant if he was going to survive. Check out his article in the Poughkeepsie Journal to learn more about Garrets struggle to make it from heart failure to getting his hand raised. If you live in Poughkeepsie or the Hudson Valley and would like to train MMA, give Precision Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts a call at (845)392-8495 or visit us at

Poughkeepsie MMA fighter Garret Volpe wins

Poughkeepsie MMA fighter Garret Volpe wins

May 242017

precisionThis past Saturday May 20th saw a stacked local card full of Precision fighters of varying natures. We had Enrico Chelen Reyes and Nate Cruz in Muay Thai fights, Christopher Stanley and Kevin McAloon in boxing matches, and Andrew Geisler and Mike Russo in grappling matches. Everyone acquitted themselves well.

Nate Cruz was putting on a kicking clinic through all of round one that had the crowd ooh and ahhing. Unfortunately an old shoulder injury re-manifested itself after he took a fall through the ropes in the second round forcing an early stoppage to the fight.

Chelen found himself in a war with an incredibly game opponent. His use of flash spinning techniques and expert clinch work enabled him to see his hand raised!

After spending the vast majority of his time preparing for a Muay Thai bout Drew found himself in a grappling match. He was attacking well throughout the match but found himself in a deep toe hold after a reset that forced the end of the bout.

Kevin boxed at an incredibly high level putting on a boxing clinic for the ages. His footwork and head movement in particular stood out to the judges and after being rattled in the first he came back hard in the second and third to secure a victory.

Chris put on the performance of the night by far battling against an opponent with a distinct experience advantage in boxing. Stan settled in during the final round and was pouring on the pressure but could not get his man out of there and found himself down on the scorecards.

Overall it was an incredible night of fights for Precision and we are proud of all our talented fighters who stepped into the ring that night.

Poughkeepsie MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

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Jul 192016

lindsey win

Precision MMA’s 105 pounds of fury Lindsey “Damsel” Van Zandt stepped into the ring this past weekend of a Glory styled kickboxing bout at John Carlo’s AKBF (American Kickboxing Federation). A crowd favorite, Lindsey was the main event of the evening and put on a performance that brought all in attendance to their feet.

Precision MMA Fighter Lindsey Van Zandt

Precision MMA Fighter Lindsey Van Zandt

With her trademark jumping kicks and straight ahead style Lindsey quickly brought the fight to her opponent. After landing a series of unanswered blows, punctuated by a round house kick to the liver the referee stepped in an called a halt to the bout just minutes after the opening bell giving Lindsey the 1st round TKO victory.

Following her victory Lindsey had this to say

I got the W last night. I want to give a special thanks to Karl Nemeth for spending the extra time with me in getting me ready for this fight and getting me warmed up and being in my corner. Also thanks Brian McLaughlin for everything you have done for me and being in my corner. Thanks to Chelen, Cynthia, and Joe for coming and supporting me.”

Lindsey is hoping to continue her winning ways in her upcoming MMA bout where she will be able to showcase her well rounded skills.


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Apr 262016

No one ever called Muay Thai the gentle way. The world is not perfect and at some point we all get hurt. When you train with an injury it is important to train intelligently. Many students exacerbate the injury repeatedly by doing the same technique that caused the injury in the first place.

Muay Thai is awesome and everyone wants to get back to training as soon as possible. However while injured you need to modify your training so that you are able to recover to 100%. This is especially difficult for people to adhere to when they have been training for an upcoming fight. Instead of letting the injury heal people will make it worse and potentially have to pull out of the fight.


Always alert your coach to any injuries you may have. It’s important that you both be on the same page. This will allow your coach to help modify your training so you don’t aggravate your injury. Your coach can also make sure you are working with the more controlled and experienced students to help keep you safe.



Do not spar if you have sustained a concussion. Take time off and see your doctor right away. Don’t try to be a tough guy and fight through the pain. Head trauma is serious and additional damage at this point will be much worse.

Do not spar with rib or jaw injuries. Let them heal. Rib injuries can be pretty limiting and you may need to stick with just footwork and shadowboxing until you heal up.

Do no spar if you have cuts on your face. Lacerations stop fights. You see it all the time, guys with lots of scar tissue in their face cut more easily. Excessive scarring around the eyes can develop into a weakness for fighters. Get the cuts cleaned out and properly covered to allow healing with minimal scarring.


Hand injuries

For minor hand injuries often times you can adjust your wrapping style. I recommend having long hand wraps. 190 inches and up. With long wraps you can reinforce the knuckles, the wrist or the thumb depending on what is bothering you. another option is to double up and use two hand wraps on the same hand. Some people will put a pad or a sponge over their knuckles before putting on the hand wrap to provide additional protection.

For more serious hand injuries you need to stop punching things! This simple concept is difficult for many people to accept. For pad work you can replace all punches on that side with elbows. For sparing try sparing with only kicks or work from within the clinch.


Leg injuries

If you get a bone bruise on your lower shin stop kicking with that leg until you heal up. With a bone bruise on the upper shin you may still be able to kick pads and bags. Listen to your body! When working combinations replace kicks from the injured side with knees or teeps. You could injure your leg in a fight and be unable to throw kicks, so training this way will give you alternative game plans your can fall back on.

One of my favorite sparring games is to use punching and round knees. This drill helps you develop new and better knee strike set ups. You can focus on your punch technique and develop a dirty boxing game. If your legs are up to it work on your clinch fighting.


Do not spar with a weapon until you can throw it full power on a bag or pad. Many times I have seen fighters test out a hurt hand or shin by tapping a heavy bag with it. They hit at half power (or less) and decide they are now fit to spar. Even though you are only sparring things will be chaotic. People almost always end up re-injuring themselves because they didn’t want to wait an extra week to heal up.


Being injured is also a great time to work on the opposite stance. Practice all the techniques you can from your home stance, and then switch it up and learn to attack from the other side. This is a good way to follow along with a class if the combinations/techniques you’re working on are on your injured side. It will help keep things from getting to boring.


So if you get hurt be smart and let your body heal. However most of the time you will be able to continue training in some capacity. Take this time to work on your weaknesses and you will be a better overall martial artist when you’re feeling one hundred percent again.

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Jan 252016

MMA and Muay Thai champion Karl Nemeth shows a basic escape for when someone catches your kick. Additionally you will learn a slick spinning backfist set up as you reclaim your leg.

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Jan 252016

Karl Nemeth breaks down how to set up and preform the superman punch. When executed correctly not only will this technique hit hard, it will leave your opponent completely open for the blow.


Train with Karl and the other great instructors at Precision MMA free for 30 days visit or call 845-392-8495



Jan 252016

Muay Thai and MMA champion, Karl Nemeth teaches how to safely catch a kick and fire back with a flurry of strikes designed to make your opponent think twice about kicking again.

Train with Karl and the other great instructors at Precision MMA free for 30 days visit or call 845-392-8495

Jul 092015

There are so many reasons for women to start MMA training. Unfortunately, women are often the primary victims in abductions, rapes, or domestic abuse. Women ages 18-36 are at the greatest risk of being victims of domestic violence. Situations like these could change your life drastically. When you train MMA, you become more confident in knowing that you’ve done something to be able to lessen the chances of any of those things happening to you. With self- defense knowledge women can be empowered to be survivors and not victims.  Once you know how to defend yourself against situations like this, the way you carry yourself changes too. Self-defense and self-confidence go hand in hand in this particular circumstance and it benefits you throughout your life.

Not only will you have the skills to defend yourself in dangerous situations, but MMA is a lot more fun than just the regular routine at the gym. It’s always something new, so you’ll never get caught doing the same thing every day. Many people struggle with their weight and body image. But they also struggle with getting to the gym and doing something about it. The thought of the gym irks a lot of people. But when you do something like MMA, you’re doing an activity that’s enjoyable and not just solely for losing weight. When you train, you will never feel un-motivated or dissatisfied because the experience is exciting and something to look forward to doing.


MMA also gives you the chance to get involved, interact, and socialize with other people. It teaches you to work and cooperate with others and that skill can be applied to your job, and just every- day life.

Here what a female student at Precision has to say about the classes:

“I then found precision and went in to test the waters. I’m glad I did! I have tackled many of my fears and have really taken a liking to the jujitsu classes. I am so pleased with the instructors, and the atmosphere. It’s a great learning environment and for people like me it has brought me out of my shell and helped me get back into exercise and health. I recommend precision to anyone and everyone. It pushes your limits without breaking your body, it keeps you desiring to learn more, and gives you focus that is unwavering” – Hope Ackerly

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Jun 102013
Dutchess County Kickboxing

Dutchess County Kickboxing

Fitness fads come and go.  People gain weight and see that summer is coming up and want to slim down and decide that for once they are going to choose a diet and exercise plan and stick to it.  However, every fitness guru wants to sell people on their regimen and thinks that they have all the answers so how should people make a decision on what method they are going to use to get in shape?  While many workouts build muscle, increase flexibility, aid with cardio and help one to lose weight, few can do all these at once as effectively as Kickboxing at Dutchess County’s Precision MMA.  Our classes are taught by Muay Thai experts who have shown the ability to have conditioning when it counts the most: in the ring.  They have used our Dutchess County kickboxing program to lose fat and make weight for their fights and then had the endurance and overall conditioning to win them once out there.  This is as true a test of our program’s effectiveness as any.  Beyond this, for anyone to stick with a conditioning program they must enjoy it, and all our students agree that kickboxing at Precision MMA is a blast.

Some workouts are designed primarily to build strength.  For example, heavy weight lifting, though it does also burn calories, is not going to help with aerobic endurance or flexibility.  Likewise, an activity like running may help one to lose weight and aid in endurance but it is not going to produce an overall stronger athlete.  On the other hand, there are sports and activities that a person may enjoy, like basketball or tennis for example, that may also aid in certain areas like fat burning and short burst cardio, but also may not help in producing an all around stronger physique.  For these reasons it is important that when choosing a workout routine a person picks something which meets all the bases.  It must be something they enjoy otherwise they will not be likely to keep it up for long.  However, it must also be physically challenging and capable of working all of the body’s major muscle groups, as well as helping one to achieve better cardio and flexibility while aiding with weight loss.  Kickboxing at Precision MMA in Dutchess County meets all these requirements.  First of all, our Kickboxing workouts help our students to become physically stronger without making them muscle bound like heavy weight lifting would.  Our circuit classes in particular involve a number of different exercises which will make our athletes stronger while also improving their cardio and helping them burn fat at the same time.  Simply hitting the pads and heavy bags with Muay Thai Kickboxing in Dutchess County’s varied arsenal of punches, kicks, knees and elbows will help a student to become stronger in all the major muscles in their arms and legs.   However, our Kickboxing circuit classes also include many bodyweight exercises like pushups, situps, pull ups, chin up and planks.  These exercises can aid in facilitating core strength, stronger chest, back and abdominal muscles and also help the athlete to gain a greater sense of awareness of their own body and how its various parts interact which is very important in martial arts.  A good push up, for example, is similar to a good punch in that it is easier for the student to perform if done with proper technique and relaxed muscles.  Tense muscles in particular tend to become fatigued more quickly, and something like heavy weight lifting is more likely to do this than body weight exercises or throwing a series of strikes in succession.  Movements like pushups also aid with punching power themselves since some of the same muscles are focused on such as the triceps.  The constant kicking techniques employed in our Muay Thai Dutchess County Kickboxing program increase our students’ overall leg strength in all the muscle groups from the calves to the thighs and hamstrings and also strengthen core muscles due to the fact that proper balance is required while standing on one leg, and improve overall balance as well.  Kickboxing’s many flying attacks also add to one’s explosive leg strength and calve strength.

In addition to producing stronger athletes the Kickboxing program at Dutchess County’s Precision MMA also helps our students to gain better aerobic and anaerobic cardio.  Both our regular and circuit kickboxing classes require our students to throw constant punches, kicks, knees and elbows for up to an hour and a half at a time with only short rests in between rounds.  This produces anaerobic and short burst cardio like nothing else because students sometimes end up throwing close to or over one hundred kicks, punches, knees and elbows within only a few minutes.  As such, their bodies quickly adapt to high-energy expenditure in minute intervals which is something many other sports and workouts cannot produce in the same way.  This also helps students learn the value of pacing themselves in their workouts, something which is not stressed in every workout routine either.  It doesn’t take Kickboxing students at Dutchess County’s Precision long to realize that if they throw every punch and kick with one hundred percent power every time that they will soon tire and be unable to finish their workouts.  When students finally learn how to pace themselves they make it through their workouts and find their cardio skyrocketing as it adapts to the activity, and their striking technique also improves because more precise punches and kicks are more energy efficient than sloppy ones and can be fired more rapidly without fatigue.

But one of the biggest concerns for both men and women looking for a good workout routine is weight loss.  Many people are under the impression that they need to spend hours a day on a treadmill or exercise bike in order to burn off fat and it just isn’t the case.  Often times twice as many calories can be burned in a short period of time with a high intensity workout like Dutchess County kickboxing as in a long and tedious treadmill session.  We have had multiple students lose in excess of twenty to fifty pounds through our kickboxing workouts when they could not lose close to that amount through other workouts like running and lifting weights.  Essentially, the high volume punching and kicking found in kickboxing combined with the constant foot work involved make our workouts similar to a combination of high repetition-low weight-lifting and jogging in intervals.  Each strike a student throws works numerous muscle groups while at the same time their focus is to never stop moving their body as a whole until the round is over because if they did it would not simulate the pace of a kickboxing bout and our goal is always to get our students in fighting shape.

Finally, we at Precision MMA in Dutchess County pride ourselves on making our Kickboxing classes enjoyable for all students and this is key in producing results from any workout because a workout cannot be effective if one doesn’t continue with it in the long term.  For too many people working out is a chore because they aren’t able to find a workout routine that they actually find entertaining but Kickboxing at Precision in Dutchess County has instructors who are innovative so we are constantly switching up our classes in order to keep things interesting.  Our head kickboxing instructor Karl Nemeth is particularly good at creating a fun atmosphere because he himself finds kickboxing to be such a naturally enjoyable activity and it’s hard not to get pulled into the positive mood created by a quality instructor.  Lets face it, what person doesn’t sometimes want to let off some stream from their workday by hitting a heavy bag?!  Channeling our aggression through a positive outlet like kickboxing naturally lowers one’s blood pressure, both by helping one to relax and through the exercise itself, and once the endorphins get flowing a good mood is naturally produced.  Moreover, Muay Thai kickboxing includes techniques which are acrobatic and fun to do, like it’s many flying and spinning kicks and strikes which are highly acrobatic in nature.  When taking Muay Thai Kickboxing classes at Precision MMA in Dutchess County the lines between playing, fighting and working out quickly become non-existent and the student soon forgets that they are burning fat, building muscle and increasing their cardio which is exactly what we want.  Once kickboxing ceases to be viewed as a typical “workout” our students stop dreading the activity like they would going to the gym and before they know it they’ve lost considerable weight and are in the shape of their lives.

It’s really too bad that most of the world sees exercise as something that needs to be boring or so exhausting that they will be unable to wake up the next morning when an activity like Kickboxing can be so fun and effective at getting people into peak condition.  Usually when people come to kickboxing classes at Precision MMA in Dutchess County it’s a revelation of sorts that they can build muscle, burn fat and gain anaerobic endurance all at the same time without having to step foot in a conventional gym, lift a single weight or run a single mile.  Its worked for many before and continues to work for new students everyday so get off the couch and onto the mat at Precision’s Kickboxing classes and start feeling better about yourself and your body today!

Kickboxing in Dutchess County Free 30 Days!

Kickboxing in Dutchess County Free 30 Days!

Precision MMA is the premiere kickboxing gym in the Hudson valley.  We have members from all over Dutchess county, in addition to other locations in New York.  To join our incredible Dutchess County Jiu Jitsu program, run by head coach Brian McLaughlin, give us a call at 845-392-8495.  You can also stop in at 1097 Route 55, Lagrangeville, NY 12540.  We are currently offering a 30-day FREE trial, so make sure to ask about how you can receive that!

Jamey Bazes is a lifelong martial artist holding a brown belt in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kenpo Karate.  He also holds a master’s degree from SUNY New Paltz.  He is a student of Precision Mixed Martial Arts in LaGrange, NY (in the Dutchess County) and a decorated competitor including a Delaware Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu State Championship and a NAGA World Title.  To train kickboxing with Jamey in Dutchess County NY check out Precision MMA