Apr 262016

No one ever called Muay Thai the gentle way. The world is not perfect and at some point we all get hurt. When you train with an injury it is important to train intelligently. Many students exacerbate the injury repeatedly by doing the same technique that caused the injury in the first place.

Muay Thai is awesome and everyone wants to get back to training as soon as possible. However while injured you need to modify your training so that you are able to recover to 100%. This is especially difficult for people to adhere to when they have been training for an upcoming fight. Instead of letting the injury heal people will make it worse and potentially have to pull out of the fight.


Always alert your coach to any injuries you may have. It’s important that you both be on the same page. This will allow your coach to help modify your training so you don’t aggravate your injury. Your coach can also make sure you are working with the more controlled and experienced students to help keep you safe.



Do not spar if you have sustained a concussion. Take time off and see your doctor right away. Don’t try to be a tough guy and fight through the pain. Head trauma is serious and additional damage at this point will be much worse.

Do not spar with rib or jaw injuries. Let them heal. Rib injuries can be pretty limiting and you may need to stick with just footwork and shadowboxing until you heal up.

Do no spar if you have cuts on your face. Lacerations stop fights. You see it all the time, guys with lots of scar tissue in their face cut more easily. Excessive scarring around the eyes can develop into a weakness for fighters. Get the cuts cleaned out and properly covered to allow healing with minimal scarring.


Hand injuries

For minor hand injuries often times you can adjust your wrapping style. I recommend having long hand wraps. 190 inches and up. With long wraps you can reinforce the knuckles, the wrist or the thumb depending on what is bothering you. another option is to double up and use two hand wraps on the same hand. Some people will put a pad or a sponge over their knuckles before putting on the hand wrap to provide additional protection.

For more serious hand injuries you need to stop punching things! This simple concept is difficult for many people to accept. For pad work you can replace all punches on that side with elbows. For sparing try sparing with only kicks or work from within the clinch.


Leg injuries

If you get a bone bruise on your lower shin stop kicking with that leg until you heal up. With a bone bruise on the upper shin you may still be able to kick pads and bags. Listen to your body! When working combinations replace kicks from the injured side with knees or teeps. You could injure your leg in a fight and be unable to throw kicks, so training this way will give you alternative game plans your can fall back on.

One of my favorite sparring games is to use punching and round knees. This drill helps you develop new and better knee strike set ups. You can focus on your punch technique and develop a dirty boxing game. If your legs are up to it work on your clinch fighting.


Do not spar with a weapon until you can throw it full power on a bag or pad. Many times I have seen fighters test out a hurt hand or shin by tapping a heavy bag with it. They hit at half power (or less) and decide they are now fit to spar. Even though you are only sparring things will be chaotic. People almost always end up re-injuring themselves because they didn’t want to wait an extra week to heal up.


Being injured is also a great time to work on the opposite stance. Practice all the techniques you can from your home stance, and then switch it up and learn to attack from the other side. This is a good way to follow along with a class if the combinations/techniques you’re working on are on your injured side. It will help keep things from getting to boring.


So if you get hurt be smart and let your body heal. However most of the time you will be able to continue training in some capacity. Take this time to work on your weaknesses and you will be a better overall martial artist when you’re feeling one hundred percent again.

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May 162013
Dutchess County Kickboxing

Dutchess County Kickboxing

Without a doubt the most popular striking art practiced by mixed martial artists these days, such as those who train at Precision MMA in Dutchess County, New York, is Muay Thai Kickboxing.  Dating back to seventeenth century Thailand, this style has proven to have lethal effectiveness on both the battlefield and in the sport arena.  However, its uses are not confined to sportive competition or militaristic use by ancient Thai and Siamese armies.  This multi-faceted form of combat is extremely effective for civilian self-defense scenarios.  Additionally, Muay Thai workouts are excellent for getting into peak physical condition and form the basis for many cardio kickboxing programs across the country.  Precision MMA in Dutchess County, New York is one gym which offers a Muay Thai program capable of getting anyone into shape in record time as well as providing effective skills for use in practical street self-defense.

Muay Thai Kickboxing, as it is taught at Precision MMA in Dutchess county New York, is one of the most effective styles in the world for self-defense.  This is because the art has such a wide repertoire of strikes, trips and clinch tactics, as well as specific defenses to all these attacks.  Muay Thai could best be described as a form of striking which combines the punches of western boxing, with it’s own unique brand of kicks, generally delivered with the shin, as well as elbow and knee strikes.  Students are taught to strike with multiple different surfaces, such as the shin, ball of the foot and heel for kicks, the front and back of the knuckles for punches, the points and sides of the knees for knee strikes, and the points and sides of the elbows, as well as the forearms, for elbow strikes.  Likewise, Muay Thai teaches the student to condition various parts of their bodies, such as the shins and forearms, in order to be better able to defend against strikes.  Muay Thai Kickboxing practitioners are also taught to strike from a number of different angles.  With their hands they are taught the conventional jab, cross, hook and uppercut from western boxing, but other more unconventional techniques are also taught such as spinning back fists and superman punches.  All forms of kicks are employed, such as roundhouses, front push kicks referred to as “teeps”, and any number of different flying and spinning kicks.  Muay Thai is perhaps most known for its knee and elbows strikes which are particularly useful for self defense because most attackers would probably not see them coming as easily as a typical overhand right or a jab.  A mugger or assailant would be more likely to expect a would-be victim to throw a punch rather than a spinning elbow or flying knee.  Local AKBG kickboxing champion Karl Nemeth teaches techniques such as these in great detail at Precision MMA in Dutchess, County, New York.  Karl is a student of none other than world renowned Muay Thai champion Kaensak Sor Ploenjit, so his students get their knowledge of the style straight from its source.

Not only does Muay Thai employ a vast arsenal of strikes, it also teaches very specific clinch tactics which make the art even more useful for self defense because stand-up grappling scenarios are very common during assaults.  One cannot expect a violent encounter to take place at one specific range.  An attacker is not going to politely stand at kicking distance and then move slowly and gradually into punching range, for example, in order to give the victim time to throw the perfect strike.  Instead, the assailant might simply rush the victim and initiate a standing clinch.  Muay Thai, as it is taught at Precision MMA in Dutchess County, has all the answers for such an attack.  For example, one of Muay Thai’s defensive tactics for a standing bear-hug would involve pushing the attacker’s chin upwards with one’s palms in order to break the grip, then grabbing the back of the attacker’s head in what is known as the “thai plum”, and driving one’s knee into the attackers’ face.  This would be a very common scenario one might encounter in a violent attack.  Likewise, a mugger might attack with a standing headlock, and from such a position the typical kicks and punches taught in many striking styles might not be effective because of the close proximity.  However, for such a situation Muay Thai’s knee and elbow strikes would work perfectly because distance is not necessary to achieve forceful impact.  Muay Thai also employs a number of standing trips, takedowns and leg sweeps, which could be very useful in a street altercation.  Many striking styles do not teach these tactics, but Muay Thai as it is taught at Precision MMA in Dutchess County, includes a number of foot sweeps and throws common to the style as it is practiced in its homeland.  While in the ring these takedowns are not likely to end a fight due to the soft surface of the canvas, one good sweep on a concrete or otherwise hard surface could end an attack altogether.  A person trained in the art of Thai boxing might find themselves in a situation where these tactics could be the most effective recourse, and unlike students of other more rigid striking styles they would know how to use these techniques to defend themselves.

Finally, the leg kick, as it is taught in Muay Thai, might be the most effective self-defense maneuver for a number of reasons.  First, a mugger or violent attacker is not as aware as a martial artist of the multiple different parts of their body which may be open to strikes.  The typical street fight is likely to include punches to the head and perhaps to the body, but will probably not include strikes to the legs.  For this reason, attacks below the belt are less expected, and therefore, more likely to land.  A well placed leg kick to the inner or outer thigh for example, as it is taught to be delivered with the shin bone in Muay Thai, is extremely painful, can be delivered very quickly, and can in itself be a fight ending blow.  Unlike a professional kickboxer, the typical mugger has not conditioned his legs to take the impact of a Thai kick.  As such, one well-placed leg kick could actually break an assailants’ leg, tear his ACL, or at the very least significantly slow his movement.  This is key, because unlike in a kickboxing match, retreat is an actual option.  In fact, it is probably the best one.  Strikes to the head or body will not prevent an attacker from chasing one, but a kick to the leg will.  If the assailant’s ability to run has been hindered, then his chances of harming the victim are greatly lessened.  And finally, street fights have very real legal repercussions.  A hard blow to the head could break a person’s jaw or nose, give them a concussion, or even cause brain damage or death in a worst case scenario.  Even if it was a clear-cut case of self-defense, this could be difficult to prove if the victim is brought to trial for jeopardizing the life of the attacker.  However, a leg kick is not a life-threatening blow and so it would be more difficult to prove that the defender had lethal intent should the altercation lead to the courtroom.

Not only is Muay Thai the first choice amongst many martial artists when it comes to self-defense, its workouts are second to none as far as conditioning is concerned.  Unlike weight lifting or running, which by themselves produce muscular or cardiovascular strength, Muay Thai workouts produce both.  Muay Thai padwork is intense and the rapid-fire punches, kicks, knees and elbows thrown by the student will increase both their muscular endurance as well as their anaerobic stamina.  The high volume strikes which Muay Thai students perform at schools like Precision MMA in Dutchess County, New York, will help them to develop lean muscle mass akin to that obtained by low weight, high repetition weight lifting.  Students will find themselves burning large amounts of calories and losing fat, while at the same time becoming stronger without becoming muscle bound and losing flexibility, which heavy weight lifting tends to cause.  As such, Muay Thai students will become faster and gain greater endurance while simultaneously becoming physically stronger.  This is not only due to the strikes which Muay Thai students throw, but also because this style traditionally employs a great deal of body weight exercises such as pushups and sit ups, as well as a good deal of jumping rope.  All of the body’s muscle groups are incorporated, and students like those at Dutchess County’s Precision MMA will notice the physical changes as their abs and core become tighter and leaner and the muscles in their legs, arms, shoulders and back become more pronounced.  The many jumping movements taught in Muay Thai will engage the calve muscles and any number of punches and upper body strikes will engage the triceps, biceps, deltoids and other muscle groups.  Students are also taught to take shots to the body, which has benefits in both self-defense and fitness.  At the end of many workouts, training partners will lightly punch each other’s abdomens as the other clenches their abdominals.  Over time, this creates stronger core muscles capable of taking greater impact and which will also look good come beach season.  Dutchess counties’ Muay Thai students also gain flexibility in their classes as stretching is heavily incorporated so that they will be capable of landing head kicks with ease, and if they are interested in getting in the ring they will also spend time conditioning their shins to be able to build up calcium deposits, enabling them to take leg kicks without being incapacitated.  The end result is that by combining their workouts with a clean diet, Muay Thai students like those who train at Dutchess counties’ Precision, will eventually be lean and toned, with a low body fat percentage, lower blood pressure and more anaerobic endurance, as well as having greater strength and flexibility.

Dutchess County Boxing

Dutchess County Boxing

Subsequently, training in Muay Thai at Precision MMA in Dutchess county, New York, will get students into excellent shape in record time, while also giving them the tools to protect themselves from violent attack.  The art can entirely transform a person inside and out, making them more physically healthy and more confident as well knowing that they are armed at all times with an efficient tool for self preservation.

Come by Precision MMA for 30 free days and try out our Muay Thai program and you will be able to see this transformation in yourself!

Jamey Bazes is a lifelong martial artist holding a brown belt in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kenpo Karate.  He also holds a master’s degree from SUNY New Paltz.  He is a student of Precision Mixed Martial Arts in LaGrange, NY (near Poughkeepsie) and a decorated competitor including a Delaware Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu State Championship and a NAGA World Title.  To train with Jamey in Poughkeepsie NY check out Precision MMA http://www.poughkeepsiemuaythai.com


Feb 082013

Interested in Poughkeepsie Martial Arts? Precision MMA now offers a 30 Day FREE Trial call 845-392-8495 or visit http://www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com


Poughkeepsie martial arts

Poughkeepsie martial arts


When I began training Poughkeepsie martial arts back in 1999 the term “mixed martial arts” was so esoteric that when I brought it up in conversation it was like I was speaking a foreign language. The UFC was off pay per view and no one had aspirations of being a cage fighter.  The few people that did train had the attitude of superiority with their chosen style.  This was especially true of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I remember telling my Poughkeepsie martial arts Jiu-Jitsu coach at the time that I was thinking of wrestling with my high school.  He was very displeased and told me, through his thick Portuguese accent, “Wrestling is all strength, why you want to do?  A wrestler take you down, you choke him”.  That was the line of thinking back then.  My style is better than yours, no need to learn, no need to evolve.

Following the success of The Ultimate Fighter and the subsequent explosion of the UFC, mixed martial arts became a world wide sensation.  Every Poughkeepsie martial arts school, even those operating for over a decade as a single style, became “MMA Gyms” and although the signs outside the gym were painted over, very little changed within the curriculum of these gyms.  The grappling schools added a few heavy bags and the striking schools learned a few headlocks, but few instructors expanded their horizons and rarely were outsiders brought in to even out the program.

I’m proud to say that my Poughkeepsie martial arts gym did not follow suite.  Today we have individual experts in Judo, BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing, and Muay Thai.  There is no sense of superiority of one style over another and a genuine desire amongst the head instructors to absorb everything that each style has to offer.
At Precision “Mixed Martial Arts” is not just a marketing ploy.  December 11th was a big day for our competition team.  It started off when Derrick Feliciano (Little “D”) won his scholastic wrestling tournament.  Later in the evening coach Karl Nemeth won the 155 pound AKBF Muay Thai title and John Joy won the 160 pound AKBF Boxing title.  At the event I found out that Will Nagy took home 1st place at the Fort Dix Combatives tournament (combatives is a military hand to hand fighting styling mixing grappling and striking).  Not only did we have four competitors take home gold, they competed in four distinct styles of martial arts.  From grappling to striking they were all able to successfully compete while training under one roof.  In addition, the competitors they defeated were specialized in only their one discipline.  I’m very happy to say Precision has risen above the dogmatic thinking of the past and evolved into one of the only true MMA gyms in the Poughkeepsie martial arts world.  Although the results are pleasing our journey is far from its destination.  Remember to keep your eyes open and absorb all that the martial arts world has to offer – regardless of what “style” may be attached to it.
Check out Poughkeepsie martial arts at Precision MMA FREE for 30 Days Click HERE or call 845-392-8495 and get started today
Jan 222013

Mixed Martial Arts has become a buzz word in the Hudson Valley.  Now that the UFC is one of the most popular sporting events Hudson Valley schools that specialize in a single martial arts discipline are now calling themselves “Mixed Martial Arts Gyms

Hudson Valley Mixed Martial Arts

Hudson Valley Mixed Martial Arts

A sign that you may be stuck in a phony MMA gym in the Hudson Valley is the frequency that the different arts are trained.  A true Hudson Valley Mixed Martial Arts School will have a combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, muay thai and boxing each and every day. Many fake mixed martial arts gyms will have grappling everyday and “striking” one or two days at most (or vice versa).

Precision Mixed Martial Arts prides itself on being the most diverse mixed martial arts school in the Hudson Valley Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are taught every single day of the week.  In addition, the gym is properly equipped for each individual art.  Thai pads, jump ropes and kick shields for muay thai training, a full size boxing ring, heavy bag, upper cut bag and double end bag for boxing, crash pads and zebra mats for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – all in a 5,000 square foot facility.

Here’s a look inside a typical Monday at Precision Mixed Martial Arts – students begin with boxing and muay thai training before getting on the ground for grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  At this Hudson Valley Mixed Martial Arts school no stone is left unturned.

Check out Precision Mixed Martial Arts in LaGrange, NY call 845-392-8495 or visit http://www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com to get started




Dec 042012

At Precision MMA kids training is never stale or boring.  Our kids learn the most cutting edge techniques in the sport of mixed martial arts on a regular basis.  In this video, Precision MMA student 10 year old Richard works with Poughkeepsie’s AKBF Muay Thai champion Karl Nemeth.

Richard is working on muay thai front and round kicks as well as a fake kick into a flying, or “Superman” punch.  This is the same technique utilized by George St. Pierre in his UFC title fights.  Precision MMA is the only Poughkeepsie kids martial arts school that teaches these sophisticated techniques.

Poughkeepsie Kids martial arts classes at Precision MMA

Poughkeepsie Kids martial arts classes at Precision MMA

At Precision MMA we think its important to give kids realistic techniques that have been tested and proven at the highest levels.  You will know that your child can defend himself against in any situation and that he is developing the athleticism and training of a professional level athlete.  Above all though – we keep the training fun!

To give your child all the benefits of mixed martial arts training call Precision MMA in Poughkeepsie today 845-392-8495 or visit http://www.lagrangemartialarts.com



Nov 132012

LaGrange, NY’s Jason Cahill of Precision MMA scores Highlight Reel Knockout!

In the first muay thai bout of his career Jason Cahill looked like a seasoned veteran. Representing Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY Jason had trained 6 weeks for this night. Taking the center of the ring and throwing strong kicks, he was looking for the finish right out of the gate.  His big opportunity came after he back stepped to avoid a spinning back fist.  Jason fired his head kick full force and hit his mark, earning him knockout of the night honors.

This fight was the exclamation point on a perfect night for Precision MMA.  The LaGrange, NY fight team went 5-0 with two knock outs, showing that they are a real force in the Poughkeepsie area.  Coached by AKBF Muay Thai champion Karl Nemeth, Golden Gloves champion Derrick Ohlhoff and professional MMA fighter Brian McLaughlin Precision MMA is the Hudson Valley’s most experienced martial arts staff.

Precision MMA fighters will make the trip from LaGrange, NY over to Danbury, CT for more muay thai action December 8th.  Keep your eyes on upcoming fighters Ed David and Jenny Vitetta as they put their Precision MMA skills on the line.

Interested in training at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY? Precision MMA is now offering a 30 Day FREE Trial just call 845-392-8495 or visit http://www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com to get started.

Nov 032012
Salt point muay thai

Salt point muay thai

If you’re looking for Muay Thai in Salt Point there is no better option than Precision MMA.  Located in LaGrange, NY just minutes from Salt Point, Precision MMA instructors have worked along side some of the best muay thai fighers of all time including Kaesak Sor Plochit, multiple time World Muay Thai Champion.

Muay Thai training is currently one of the most sought after martial arts systems in the entire world.  Salt point residents can expect to learn incredible techniques which will increase their self defense, fitness level and give them confidence and discipline they never imagined possessing.

Precision MMA wants to make training Muay thai in Salt Point as easy as possible.  That is why they are now offering an incredible 30 FREE Day Trial!  In addition to the muay thai trial, salt point students will also receive a FREE 1 on 1 lesson with one of our champion instructors.

Our Muay Thai program is very beginner friendly and open to students of all levels, from novice to expert and everything in between. We are also the only muay thai gym that offers a 30 Day Money back guarantee.  So if you live in Salt Point and have been thinking about training in muay thai give Precision MMA a call and start your 30 Free Days, just pick up the phone and call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemuaythai.com

Mar 022012

Precision MMA is now better than ever!

Now Try Precision MMA in the Hudson Valley FREE for 30 Days call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com

Hudson valley residents now have a world class MMA facility at Precision MMA.  Located in LaGrange, just minutes from Poughkeepsie, Precision MMA has expanded and added to its already incredible Mixed Martial Arts program.

Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY

Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY

With classes 7 days a week in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Judo and wrestling Precision Mixed Martial Arts has something for everyone.  Precision’s world class instructors work as a team to make sure each of our members reaches their highest potential.  Our staff includes golden gloves champions, division 1 wrestlers, BJJ and Judo Black Belts and MMA champions who combine for over 100 years of elite martial arts training now available for YOU in the hudson valley.

mma in the hudson valley

mma in the hudson valley

In addition to having experienced coaches and a diverse program, Precision MMA is also the largest MMA gym in the Poughkeepsie area. With a full sized boxing ring, heavy bags, zebra mats, crash pads and over 5,000 square feet Precision gives its students access to a truly world class Hudson Valley facility.

Precision MMA near Poughkeepsie, NY

Precision MMA near Poughkeepsie, NY

If you live near Poughkeepsie, NY and would like to see what Precision MMA can offer you, then give our incredible 30 Day Free trial a try, call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com and get started today.

Evolution Jiu-Jitsu

Jan 122012

MMA in LaGrange, NY

MMA in LaGrange, NY

Are you looking for authentic MMA in LaGrange, NY? Precision MMA, the largest MMA gym in the Hudson Valley, is now offering a FREE 30 Day Trial. To get started call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com

What sets Precision MMA in LAGrange, NY apart from other MMA gyms is having a complete MMA system. Most schools are decent at one aspect of MMA, but neglect the others.  At Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY we have expert grapplers including division 1 wrestlers and black belts in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as golden gloves champion boxers and muay thai title holders.

MMA in LaGrange, NY

MMA in LaGrange, NY

MMA in LaGrange, NY

MMA in LaGrange, NY

We have the highest quality instruction to ensure our student’s success.  Here is a sneak peak at the instruction at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY

Now you can train MMA in LaGrange, NY at Precision MMA FREE for 30 Days. Call 845-392-8495 or visit www.Poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com and start training MMA in LaGrange, NY!

Jan 112012

Muay Thai in Poughkeepsie Free for 30 Days

muay thai in poughkeepsie

muay thai in poughkeepsie

At Precision MMA you can train in muay thai in poughkeepsie from the top instructors in the region FREE for 30 Days.  Just call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts and get started on your FREE training!

Muay thai in poughkeepsie

Muay Thai in Poughkeepsie

Muay thai is a dynamic striking system, also known as the art of 8 weapons it combines kicks, punches, knees and elbows into one incredible system.  The Precision MMA program emphasizes fitness, competition and self defense applications of the art.  No matter what your goals you will not find a more complete program for muay thai in poughkeepsie.

Precision offers different levels of training to make sure every member is getting the most out of there training. If you are a seasoned pro or learning to throw your first punch our champion trainers will make sure you are getting the attention you need.  The Muay thai in poughkeepsie program at Precision also includes thai pad training, heavy bag work and training in a full sized boxing ring!

Head Muay thai coach Karl Nemeth has trained extensively with Kaensak Sor Ploenjit, who is considered one of the very best muay thai fighters to ever live!  In fact, Precision recently hosted a seminar with Kaensak. Only Precision MMA brings world class trainers to teach Muay Thai in Poughkeepsie

kaensak muay thai in poughkeepsie

kaensak muay thai in poughkeepsie

So if you want to train Muay Thai in Poughkeepsie the choice is clear – Precision MMA. Now you can try Precision’s muay thai in poughkeepsie program FREE for 30 Days – just call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts.com to get started!

Muay thai in poughkeepsie

Precision Mixed Martial Arts

1097 Rt. 55

LaGrange, NY 12540