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Boxing classes in Poughkeepsie

Dan Power and Paul Maley have both won their second round of the New York State Golden Gloves.  Dan and Paul have transitioned from newcomers to the sport of boxing to seasoned veterans.  Dan and Paul starting training a few years now, and Boxing classes in Poughkeepsie have been a mainstay of their regimen.  Their persistence matched with an amazing and supportive coaching staff has Dan and Paul on the right track to a bright future in Boxing.

Dan Power is a straight forward boxer.  He applies constant pressure to every opponent from the opening til the closing bell.  On any given night he can be seen taking class after class.  Dan’s cardiovascular endurance is second to none.  It is something to behold to watch him work on techniques for hours and not tire.  Once you get him in the ring he is a real handful for any opponent, regardless of their style.

Paul Maley returns to the Golden Gloves after losing a hotly contested decision in last year’s final.  Paul is a fast paced fighter who hits with precision and timing.  If last years showing is any indication, Paul will be a real contender to win it all this year.  Last year’s loss in the final is a real tough way to go out.  Disappointment can be apart of any sportive endeavor and Boxing is one sport where tight wins and losses are common.  In spite of this Paul has come back for another shot at the gold.

Derek Ohlhoff is the runs Boxing classes in Poughkeepsie and is a dedicated and experienced coach.  Derek is a three time Golden Gloves Champion and brings years of competitive and coaching experience to the table.   He coached another boxer  in Pat Daka to a Golden Gloves championship last year and is eager to see more of his students succeed.

Stay tuned to see what happens with Paul and Dan this year.  Win or lose they are sure to put on a show and gain valuable experience.  Boxing classes in Poughkeepsie are a great way to achieve all that Paul and Dan have accomplished.  Come in today and try our FREE 30 day trial and private lesson.  Stop in, give us a call at 845-392-8495 or go to our website at 

Poughkeepsie Boxing

Poughkeepsie Boxing

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