Nov 012018

We’ve all made excuses to get out of doing things that we don’t particularly feel like doing or going somewhere we really didn’t want to go. While some of these excuses may seem harmless, often times we use these excuses to stay in our comfort zone or take the easy way out which can ultimately prove to be harmful to ourselves. Making excuses only sets us back from unlocking our full potential and takes us further away from reaching our goals. An excuse is just a preventable setback from achievement that we have full control over. Excuses keep you from growing and reaching opportunities. From time to time we use the excuse of being ‘too tired’ or ‘being too busy’ to train. While there isn’t a cure for physical or mental exhaustion except a good night’s sleep, all too often, this is just one of the many excuses used to justify skipping class to snack on pizza and nachos. For training MMA to be effective, we must develop a workout schedule and stick to it to expand knowledge and better our martial arts. Nothing was ever accomplished or achieved by not taking any action or making excuses. In our schedule we should incorporate specific days to rest that are consistent to allow our bodies to rejuvenate and adequate rest.

Sometimes excuses are made to disguise the feelings of shortcomings. It’s important to develop a positive mentally when training. We should try to learn to view our shortcomings as a means of improvement instead of a failure. It’s difficult to not dwell on past mistakes, but in order to better ourselves and master that technique we’ve been drilling for ages, we must view the mistakes as something to learn from and move on. As a result of this, you’ll eventually learn to recognize your mistakes, accept them, and learn how to fix them instead of making excuses for them.

Before you make an excuse as a reason not to train or for a poor performance, you should ask yourself whether or not the excuse is valid.

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MMA in Poughkeepsie, NY

Sep 272018

Precision Boxing and MMA fighter Garret Volpe earned a hard fought victory on Saturday, but it wasn’t long ago that he was in a hospital bed, not fighting for fame, but his survival. Garret fell victim to a heart complications that occured after being infected with an otherwise harmless virus. The situation became so dire that he was one step away from being on a donor list. See the video below to learn more about Volpe’s journey and recovery.

While this news would terrify most people, Garret faced his illness with steadfast determination and optimism, confident that he would not only survive, but thrive.

Once he was back on his feet he did not waste any time and refocused himself on his martial arts goals. First he stepped into the ring for his first boxing match, a grappling superfight followed, then a muay thai bout. All matches had one constant, a notch in the win column for Volpe.

MMA competition remained Volpe’s ultimate goal though. At Cage Wars he would have his opportunity. Standing in his way was a fierce competitor from Team Renzo Gracie, a camp that has numerous past and current world champions to their credit. Volpe knew a hard battle was ahead of him, but he welcomed the challenge with open arms.

The first round began and Volpe began putting his trademark combinations together. Using his whole body as a weapon and his opponent’s whole body as a target Volpe unleashed lightning quick punches, knees and kicks to the head, legs and body.

In the second round Volpe showed his grappling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu skills taking the fight to the ground and progressing to a near fight ending choke hold. Saved by the bell his opponent came out in the final round determined to win and late in the bout landed several hard punches opening a cut around Volpe’s eye. Volpe wethered the storm though and showed that his heart and determination matched his technique en route to a decision victory.

volpe win 150x150 Poughkeepsie MMA fighter Garret Volpe wins his MMA debut

Poughkeepsie MMA fighter Garret Volpe wins

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Jul 232018

It’s been a busy summer for Precision Boxing and MMA competitors. All of the hard training within the gym was put to the test recently in mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions across the Empire State.  The first person to step up for Precision was Billy “The Kid” Tasker.  Billy is a lifelong martial artist that began his journey as a child, earning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  From there Billy wrestled in high school and then finally found his way over to Precision where he excelled at Muay Thai and BJJ.

billy 150x150 Poughkeepsie MMA Fighter Billy Tasker Gets His Hand Raised

Poughkeepsie MMA

Billy was slated to compete at Cage Wars, one of the largest MMA promotions in Albany, New York. With head coaches Brian McLaughlin and Karl Nemeth in his corner, he felt confident no matter where the fight took place.

The fight began and Billy’s opponent charged after him with bad intentions only to be knocked clean off his sweep by  a well timed front kick. Billy capitalized on the opportunity and took his opponent to the ground locking up several submissions. His opponent was game and fought his way out and worked back to his feet.

After a quick exchange Billy was able to grab a hold of his opponent’s neck and press him into the cage, cutting off any avenues for escape. Here he was able to apply a tight guillotine choke and earn the first round submission.


Billy not only put on a spectacular performance in the cage, but set a terrific example for all other aspiring Poughkeepsie MMA fighters. He was disciplined in his training and never took any short cuts. He listened to his coaches every step of the way and displayed a martial artist’s honor and respect in victory.

billy2 150x150 Poughkeepsie MMA Fighter Billy Tasker Gets His Hand Raised

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Aug 212017

Film maker Sam Rivera tells the harrowing story of Precision Boxing & MMA fighter Garret Volpe who battled back from a life threatening illness and fulfilled his dream of getting in the ring and competing. Garret’s story is an inspiration to all Precision students and shows the power of belief, conviction and hard work.

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Jul 142017
kotc 204x300 Lindsey Van Zandt Win Pro MMA Debut! Poughkeepsie Mixed Martial Arts

Poughkeepsie mma


Precision Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts in Poughkeepsie, NY is now home to another professional MMA fighter.  Atom weight fighter Lindsey Van Zandt stepped into the cage for her professional MMA debut at King of the Cage “Regulator” show in Philadelphia, PA.  King of the Cage has long stood as the proving ground for the UFC.  Over 100 fighters have graduated to the UFC octagon after proving themselves in King of the Cage.

In front of Lindsey stood Canadian Katie Saull.  Saull was a very dangerous opponent. A former member of the Canadian National Boxing team, Saull was very close to making an Olympic team before making the switch to MMA.  Although known for her striking, Saull was also feared on the ground winning numerous grappling titles over the years. Throughout her amateur career Lindsey proved she was ready to take on all comers so this tough task was nothing new, simply another challenge she was ready to embrace.

The coaching staff at Precision put together a great gameplan that focused on wrestling and ground and pound.  Lindsey put the plan in action perfectly and scored a TKO victory after landing several devastating elbow strikes.  This win makes Lindsey the only female professional MMA fighter in all of Dutchess County.

lindsey 300x300 Lindsey Van Zandt Win Pro MMA Debut! Poughkeepsie Mixed Martial Arts

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Apr 102014

Poughkeepsie MMA

A true hall mark of success as an Mixed Martial Arts coach is when established pro fighters seek you out for training.  Finding high level coaching and training opportunities can be very difficult in a fledgling sport.  Many coaches are experts in one area or have never stepped into the ring for pro MMA bouts.  Coaches who do have pro MMA experience are often times out of touch with where the sport has progressed.  Finding a coach who can work with you through every phase of the game is key to succeeding in MMA.  Brian Mclaughlin is a pro MMA fighter who trains with some of the best fighters on the planet.  Several UFC fighters and up-and-coming MMA fighters drive from other states to learn the techniques and strategies Brian offers.  While Brian’s primary focus is on training his everyday students, he also gets great joy out of seeing his training partners win.  Watch the video below to see Dan score a really nice guillotine finish over Ricardo Funch.

The Miller brothers are two of the toughest and longest tenured fighters on the UFC’s roster.  Jim and Dan each have well over ten fights within the UFC, and over twenty in professional MMA, and have been training with Brian for several years now.  Jim Miller is always fighting near the top of what is arguably the strongest division in the UFC, lightweight.  Dan fights up at middleweight and is a tough fight for anybody in the in his weight class.  They have fought some of the best fighters in the world and even if they come up short they never look out of place or outclassed.

Poughkeepsie MMA3 UFC Fighters and MMA Champions seek out Precision MMAs Brian Mclaughlin

Poughkeepsie MMA

Jim Miller’s most recent wins against Joe Lauzon and Fabricio Camoes have showcased his improved grappling and mental game.  Jim Miller has been training with Brian Mclaughlin to prepare for two very submission oriented fighters.  Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller put on one of the best fights in recent memory that ended in a decision victory for Miller and a Fight Of The Night bonus for both fighters.  Miller was put in real danger late in the fight by a Lauzon heelhook attempt, a move he is well known for.  Brian and Jim had trained the escape for that move on many occasions in the lead up to the fight, and Jim brilliantly avoided losing the fight from a late submission attempt.  In his next fight Jim submitted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black-Belt Fabricio Camoes in spectacular fashion.  His armbar finish was technical and he showed great patience.  In the post fight interview Jim Miller thanked his coach Brian Mclaughlin for helping him get ready for Camoes. 

12076823 precision front 300x177 UFC Fighters and MMA Champions seek out Precision MMAs Brian Mclaughlin

Poughkeepsie MMA

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Apr 082014

Poughkeepsie MMA

The Lateral Drop is a powerful wrestling move that launches your opponent but requires little in the way of strength or exertion to execute.  It may look like a huge and high amplitude throw, but it is really a technical take down.  It is the perfect move for the smaller or less athletic fighter.  In Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts it can become a powerful weapon in the arsenal of any competitor.


The Lateral drop shown at the beginning of this video is done on Wilson Reis, a pro MMA/UFC fighter and BJJ blackbelt.  Brian Mclaughlin, is a BJJ blackbelt and Pro MMA fighter who hits the Lateral Drop in many competitions.  Brian is the Head Instructor at Precision MMA and has been training in wrestling for some years now to augment his already stellar grappling.  The lateral drop is done from a more or less neutral position.  The over-under is a common spot in grappling and MMA.  When your opponent pushes into you you simply twist and fall to your but.  It may look like a crazy explosive move that only a very gifted athlete could use, but I have seen all levels of competitors use the lateral drop to great effect. 

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Apr 082014

Poughkeepsie MMA

A great move for MMA that come from the grappling arts is the gift wrap back take .  The Gift-wrap is a powerful move that can be great in terms of what options it can offer in a fight.   This move has been used in MMA to great effect, and usually lead to either the round or the fight being won.


The gift wrap is a very underutilized position in MMA.  It is typically used from the mount and gives the person on top an even more dominant position.  It traps one hand of the fighter on bottom and allows for a huge opening for strikes.  In addition to strikes it leaves open a few submission options.  The wristlock and the armbar being the easiest to hit.  The back take is also a viable option.  The back take is one of the simpler ones to perform and is hard to resist for the bottom fighter.  With very little effort you can control and manipulate your opponent with a gift wrap.  To be gift wrapped is to lose a considerable amount of your mobility, strength and defensive capabilities.  

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Apr 082014

Precision Mixed Martial Arts: Training with Respect

Precision MMA is a gym that sets itself apart from other MMA gyms.  The culture of a gym is one of the most important aspects of training.  A gym can have amazing facilities and tons of space, but if the mindset is off the training is still going to be lacking.  Precision MMA has always made every effort to make itself a place where anyone can learn.  Whether a student is a physical specimen or and average person, Precision makes sure they are included.  Respect for your instructors and training partners and safety is stressed from the start of your first class onward.

Many pro level MMA fighters are starting to embrace a philosophy of training with more intelligence and less full tilt action.  This realization that getting knocked out in practice or not tapping for any reason is starting to show in the marked improvement in technique in all levels of MMA.  Recently Johnny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler had an amazing title fight in the UFC.  Before the fight they both talked about their training regimens and how they prepare.  They both said they focused on lower intensity particularly in sparring .  Avoiding Damage was their primary concern.  This is a strategy that works on everyone, newcomers to world champs.

 Many gyms are all about competition and ego.  The classes become smaller versions of tournaments and the students clash in ways that are not conducive to learning.  Some gyms stress winning to the point that every sparring session becomes a matter of life or death.  This has become the stereotype of MMA gyms and many places do nothing to dispel this notion.  Partners are going for the kill rather than learning and making each other better.   Injuries are frequent and often viewed as a sign of weakness rather than as unfortunate side effect of training to hard.  Theses gyms make the victor feel amazing at the expense of the vanquished, rather than making both gain new and better techniques.   MMA has in some instances become the sport of meat heads.  MMA can be a dangerous sport to train.  It is inherently dangerous to compete in, adding to that danger in practice is not smart.

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts 300x224 The Martial Arts and Respect: A Look at the Culture of Precision MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

Precision MMA has always taken the greatest caution in creating their class structure.  Technically sound training and execution of moves is stressed.  Safety is also a prime concern.  Many people want to train as hard as possible, especially newer students, and do not realize the damage they could be doing to themselves.  It is on the instructors to ensure that the students are being smart about how they train.  Dangerous techniques can be practiced in a safe way.  You can be put in an armbar or a chokehold and not break an arm or blackout.  You do not need to hurt yourself or someone else in order to train.  In fact if you do injure anyone it will hurt your ability to learn.  Training partners are one of the most valuable assets you have.  Keeping them in class and sharp is how to learn the fastest.  Respecting your training partners health and safety is connected to not letting your ego make the decisions in the gym.  The martial arts are about learning and becoming a better and more respectful person.

12076823 precision front 300x177 The Martial Arts and Respect: A Look at the Culture of Precision MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

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Mar 252014

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts

This weekend Precision MMA had four of it’s youngest students competing at the NAGA event in Albany.  All four kids arrived up there and gave their best in matches in both gi and no gi divisions.  Any tournament can be tough on competitors.  You are no means guaranteed a win, regardless of how well prepared you are.  There are tough opponents and bad match ups in every bracket.  The kids of Precision MMA had no easy fights, but whatever the outcome they gave their opponents tough fights and never wavered in their effort or resolve.

NAGA Albany 168x300 Poughkeepsie Martial Arts

Lucas  took in both the 1st gi and no gi.  He looked dominant in his matches and really left it all on the mat.  Lucas has been training for just under a year, but he has a promising future in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  This is Lucas’ first shot at competing and he really had a great showing.  He finished really strong, which is very hard for a  kid to do.

Aiden earned third in gi had real tough opponents in no gi.  Aiden had a tough set of opponents.  The area where Aiden looked dominant was in the take downs.  Many of his opponents chose to pull guard rather than get taken down and give up those points.  One match had him score a really nice double leg after getting swept.  However, Aiden’s opponent had a real tough guard and ultimately lost in what was a real great match.  Aiden has been really successful in previous competitions, so although he did not win gold he knew that he gave his best.

Flapjack second in the gi and the no gi divisions and showed some really nice triangle setups.  He showed real composure and patient with his techniques.  A mark of true progress in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to be able to be calm and relaxed in any scenario.  Sometimes that calm is hard to come by in bad situations.  It can be even harder to stay calm when you are in the driver seat with a locked up submission.  On more than one occasion Flapjack found himself with his opponent in a triangle.  Flapjack secured postion, swept and finished these triangles with a casual ease uncommon in kids his age.  This is Flapjack’s first taste of competition and he really thrived out there on the mats.

Richard subbed everyone he faced.  He controlled all phases of his matches and showed real quality.  He had smooth take downs and great sweeps and control.  Double gold in his first tournament is no mean feat.  He really put on a show and worked his techniques to perfection.  Some of his opponents got dispirited and started to lose heart.  Richard showed real sportsmanship in victory. It can be real easy to gloat and showboat after a victory.  Richard had the sportsmanship to be a gracious victor.

naga albany2 300x225 Poughkeepsie Martial Arts

All the kids had great tournaments and showed technique and sportsmanship are not mutually exclusive.  Whether winning or losing they had good attitudes.  A big hats off to the coaches and the parents.  People are a product of their environment and it could not be more clear that these kids are really great.  They have a bright future in grappling and the lessons they are learning and reaffirming on the mat are translating into other areas of their life.





12076823 precision front 300x177 Poughkeepsie Martial Arts

Precision MMA Lagrange, NY

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