Apr 102014

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A true hall mark of success as an Mixed Martial Arts coach is when established pro fighters seek you out for training.  Finding high level coaching and training opportunities can be very difficult in a fledgling sport.  Many coaches are experts in one area or have never stepped into the ring for pro MMA bouts.  Coaches who do have pro MMA experience are often times out of touch with where the sport has progressed.  Finding a coach who can work with you through every phase of the game is key to succeeding in MMA.  Brian Mclaughlin is a pro MMA fighter who trains with some of the best fighters on the planet.  Several UFC fighters and up-and-coming MMA fighters drive from other states to learn the techniques and strategies Brian offers.  While Brian’s primary focus is on training his everyday students, he also gets great joy out of seeing his training partners win.  Watch the video below to see Dan score a really nice guillotine finish over Ricardo Funch.

The Miller brothers are two of the toughest and longest tenured fighters on the UFC’s roster.  Jim and Dan each have well over ten fights within the UFC, and over twenty in professional MMA, and have been training with Brian for several years now.  Jim Miller is always fighting near the top of what is arguably the strongest division in the UFC, lightweight.  Dan fights up at middleweight and is a tough fight for anybody in the in his weight class.  They have fought some of the best fighters in the world and even if they come up short they never look out of place or outclassed.

Poughkeepsie MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

Jim Miller’s most recent wins against Joe Lauzon and Fabricio Camoes have showcased his improved grappling and mental game.  Jim Miller has been training with Brian Mclaughlin to prepare for two very submission oriented fighters.  Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller put on one of the best fights in recent memory that ended in a decision victory for Miller and a Fight Of The Night bonus for both fighters.  Miller was put in real danger late in the fight by a Lauzon heelhook attempt, a move he is well known for.  Brian and Jim had trained the escape for that move on many occasions in the lead up to the fight, and Jim brilliantly avoided losing the fight from a late submission attempt.  In his next fight Jim submitted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black-Belt Fabricio Camoes in spectacular fashion.  His armbar finish was technical and he showed great patience.  In the post fight interview Jim Miller thanked his coach Brian Mclaughlin for helping him get ready for Camoes. 

Poughkeepsie MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

If you want to train with an experienced coach come in to Poughkeepsie MMA at Precision MMA.  We offer a FREE 30 day trial and private lesson.Stop in, give us a call at 845-392-8495 or go to our website at www.bjjfighter.com. 

Mar 252014

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This weekend Precision MMA had four of it’s youngest students competing at the NAGA event in Albany.  All four kids arrived up there and gave their best in matches in both gi and no gi divisions.  Any tournament can be tough on competitors.  You are no means guaranteed a win, regardless of how well prepared you are.  There are tough opponents and bad match ups in every bracket.  The kids of Precision MMA had no easy fights, but whatever the outcome they gave their opponents tough fights and never wavered in their effort or resolve.

Lucas  took in both the 1st gi and no gi.  He looked dominant in his matches and really left it all on the mat.  Lucas has been training for just under a year, but he has a promising future in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  This is Lucas’ first shot at competing and he really had a great showing.  He finished really strong, which is very hard for a  kid to do.

Aiden earned third in gi had real tough opponents in no gi.  Aiden had a tough set of opponents.  The area where Aiden looked dominant was in the take downs.  Many of his opponents chose to pull guard rather than get taken down and give up those points.  One match had him score a really nice double leg after getting swept.  However, Aiden’s opponent had a real tough guard and ultimately lost in what was a real great match.  Aiden has been really successful in previous competitions, so although he did not win gold he knew that he gave his best.

Flapjack second in the gi and the no gi divisions and showed some really nice triangle setups.  He showed real composure and patient with his techniques.  A mark of true progress in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to be able to be calm and relaxed in any scenario.  Sometimes that calm is hard to come by in bad situations.  It can be even harder to stay calm when you are in the driver seat with a locked up submission.  On more than one occasion Flapjack found himself with his opponent in a triangle.  Flapjack secured postion, swept and finished these triangles with a casual ease uncommon in kids his age.  This is Flapjack’s first taste of competition and he really thrived out there on the mats.

Richard subbed everyone he faced.  He controlled all phases of his matches and showed real quality.  He had smooth take downs and great sweeps and control.  Double gold in his first tournament is no mean feat.  He really put on a show and worked his techniques to perfection.  Some of his opponents got dispirited and started to lose heart.  Richard showed real sportsmanship in victory. It can be real easy to gloat and showboat after a victory.  Richard had the sportsmanship to be a gracious victor.

All the kids had great tournaments and showed technique and sportsmanship are not mutually exclusive.  Whether winning or losing they had good attitudes.  A big hats off to the coaches and the parents.  People are a product of their environment and it could not be more clear that these kids are really great.  They have a bright future in grappling and the lessons they are learning and reaffirming on the mat are translating into other areas of their life.





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