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The Martial Arts have been seen as a way to improve certain social abilities.  The Martial Arts are seen in the same vein as other sports and physical activities in that sense, but in many ways they can be better than other sports or physical activities in general.  The Martial Arts often offer more one on one time with students and an environment that can be modified to heighten the benefits.  Socializing someone so they can become a better student can be a long and arduous process, but having them train in Martial Arts can go a long way in making that goal a reality.

Martial Arts  for Scholastic Improvement

Martial Arts for Scholastic Improvement

Many people play sports when they are in their formative years.  While these experiences are typically a highly valued and cherished memory, with the Martial Arts they can be more than that.  At Precision MMA there is a stress on not just teaching martial arts, but in teaching them in a manner that increases good habits and destroys poor ones.  Every class starts with the children standing at attention and listening to the instructor.  In between learning new moves and drilling, the children also stand at attention.  The student is also encouraged to use eye contact.  The ability to consistently use eye contact when conversing with people is essential in setting a tone that says clearly “I am paying attention”. This is all done to promote focus and self discipline in the students.  The ability to focus is a skill necessary for every single social interaction.

Making children understand the value of certain habits and actions is another strong suite of the Martial Arts.  Repetition is a major part of any class.  Repeating the moves and techniques until you have them right.  Repetition is an exercise in applying yourself.  It can be mundane and even boring at times, but it is necessary for long term success.  This is similar in concept to studying habits in school.  When study for a big text you are really just repeating and rehashing things you have already learned.  Asking questions is another important habit to develop.  Forming a comfort with asking questions in a classroom setting is vital for success in the scholastic world.  The final and most important way Martial Arts help children be better students is that it makes them goal oriented.  The whole concept of someone attaining a belt in a Martial Art is an exercise in long term goal setting.

If you are interested in having your child develop important social skills through martial arts, come into Precision MMA today.  We offer a FREE 30 day trial and private introductory lesson.  You can contact Precision via our website at, our phone number 845-392-8495 or come in and ask about our program.


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