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Self-Defense Classes at Precision MMA

Self Defense

Self Defense.

Over the past few years Precision MMA has added self-defense specific classes into it’s schedule.  These classes focus exclusively on what to do in a street fight.  The classes are called Vale Tudo.  Precision named these classes in a nod to the fighting style Vale Tudo which was the earliest form of what became mixed martial arts.  The literal translation of those words from the original Portuguese to English would be something along the lines of “anything goes”.  These fights were brutally effective ways of learning what style of martial art was the best for self defense.  It quickly became apparent the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was the best for not only defending yourself, but also defending yourself from a larger or stronger opponent.  The days of Vale Tudo fights may have long since died, but the need to be able to defend yourself is sadly still with us.  It is in that line of reasoning that Precision started and is now expanding it’s Vale Tudo schedule

Precision has always had self defense as a core tenet of it’s teaching philosophy.  Every class had the idea of self defense as a theme.  Many schools focus on the sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the expense of self defense aspects. Precision has maintained a policy of placing a priority on self defense.  This expansion of the Vale Tudo schedule is a response to the overwhelming popularity of the classes.  People have really turned up in large numbers to learn how to defend themselves.  If this trend continues Precision may have to add even more Vale Tudo classes.

Self Defense

Self Defense

The Vale Tudo classes offer an extended curriculum on how to defend yourself in any scenario.  Whether on the feet or on the ground, these classes help you understand how an attacker will come at you and how to fight off everything from a wild swinging brawler to someone with a more nuanced attack.   The moves shown are flexible and allow for certain environments you may run into in the street.  For instance the instructors often show how to modify a move if you are unfortunate enough to be on an unforgiving surface like concrete or gravel.  The classes also go over different ways to stop punches from the feet or from the ground. If you attend Vale Tudo classes you will learn self defense, but you do not have to worry about getting beat up or anything like that in class. Self defense is a very complex problem to solve.  It is about more than just beating up anyone who comes at you, it is about not getting hurt and avoiding being arrested or hurting anyone else.  Many schools do not teach self defense or do not teach it in a realistic or appropriate manner.  Precision MMA offers self defense classes that stress the vital lessons that everyone needs to know.

If you want to learn real world self defense, come into Precision MMA today.  Stop in, give us a call at 845-392-8495 or go to our website at www.bjjfighter.com.


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