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For centuries people have been enhancing their lives through martial arts. The benefits of training can be boundless for people of any age, but can be especially fruitful for children. Enrolling your child in martial arts classes will help them sharpen their focus, build confidence and craft the mental tools necessary to work respectfully with others, believe in themselves and become a contributing member of a community. At Precision Boxing and MMA, we pride ourselves on continuing the deep rooted traditions of instilling lifelong values in our kids martial arts classes. We teach our kids methods to diffuse any potentially dangerous situations, while instilling self defense techniques that will work in real life situations if they have no other options. Most importantly, they learn to respect one another and how their behavior will affect those around them.  We’ve watched countless kids grow from children who misbehave in school, and fight with their siblings into conscious and respectful young adults. Below is a testimonial from long time Precision parent Patrick Simon. Patrick discusses how martial arts changed the lives of his children and why Precision was the best choice for the Simon family.

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Many people do not know that karate can help your child achieve confidence, discipline, and self-determination. Karate has been used throughout Asia for centuries and has benefited children all around the world. There are several misconceptions towards karate, but after reading this article your possible doubts will vanish. Here are 10 benefits of karate for children. 10. It builds self-confidence. As your child advances and gets better, he or she will gain confidence in themselves. When they train, they learn to push themselves and go outside their comfort zones. They also learn eye contact, which for many people even as adults is an uncomfortable and difficult thing to do. 9. It helps with their social skills. Does your child have a difficult time getting along with others? Finding friends? Karate classes expose children to other peers their age and will teach them how to work with others. 8. It gets them involved in an extracurricular activity. Is your child looking for something to do after school? Karate will keep your child busy doing something productive when they aren’t in school. There are many options of extracurricular activities that you can choose from, but karate is one that gives your child the amount of exercise they need every day. 7. Discipline. Your child will learn how to obey and respect authority figures. During karate class, your child will practice referring to authority figures as sir or ma’am, and to follow instructions given to them.   6. It helps to excel in other activities and sports. Karate helps teach you how to breathe correctly and gives you a sense of coordination, which is beneficial with all sports like swimming, track and field, soccer, and gymnastics. 5. It improves flexibility. Your child will become all around more flexible which also benefits other sports. Flexibility is needed for many activities and also for regular every day life. It’s a skill that is important to maintain, and it’s a good idea to start learning flexibility at a younger age. 4. Karate helps children with focusing. Does your child have a rough time staying on task or paying attention? Karate will help your child stay focused. Your child will often be training one on one with a partner, and it is an important skill to be focused and not distracted. 3. Self-defense. Your child will never have to worry about another kid physically bullying them or threatening to hurt them. They will learn many different methods to defend themselves if another child or adult is coming at them, and will be taught that using violence is always a last resort option. 2. It moves them in the right direction. When you involve your child in extracurricular activities, it puts them on the right path and keeps them out of trouble. Often times, troubled kids are those that have too much free time. They don’t have anything else to do but go out and find trouble. With karate, your child will be busy doing a productive activity and staying out of trouble. 1. Encourages children to set goals. Karate teaches kids to create goals for themselves and to strive toward them. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment whenever they receive a new belt, and will learn to work towards their goals knowinng   If you’re still having second thoughts about sending your child to Kids karate classes, take a look for yourself. Start a 30 day free trial at Precision MMA and witness your child acquire all of these benefits. You can reach us at (845)-392-8495 or visit our website at lagrangemartialarts.com

kids karate poughkeepsoe

kids karate poughkeepsoe