Dec 202012

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The Martial Arts have always been a source of some confusion.  Many view them skeptically and consider their methods outdated or hokey. The Martial Arts can be a great way to get in shape, better oneself and learn self-defense.  However to do this one has to pick the right art, school and instructors.  Many schools promise unrealistic self-defense prowess and crazy new discipline.  These unrealistic claims often come with a hefty monthly bill and an aloof Sensei with delusions of grandeur.  Salt Point Martial Arts is not that kind of school.

Salt Point Martial Arts offers classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts.  The classes are not taught by hacks who have never tested themselves, they are taught by instructors who have been training, competing and teaching the art for years.  The instructors are in many cases still students themselves.  Many of them still seek out instruction from some of the greatest martial artists in their field.  Salt Point Martial Arts students benefit directly from this constant quest for perfection.  

Self-defense is always something that gets attention at Salt Point Martial ArtsSalt Point Martial Arts teaches you how to defend yourself in a realistic, and also safe, manner.  Some schools have you standing alone throwing punches and kicks at nothing.  You will learn not just how to punch and kick but also how to defend punches and kicks at Salt Point Martial Arts.  No unrealistic techniques or moves that only work on people who are smaller and weaker than you are taught, only moves that work against resisting opponents who are of a similar size or larger.  Salt Point Martial Arts understands the real promise of martial arts.  It is not to help the strong stay strong, they need no aiding there, it is to empower the weaker combatant.

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