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To say Professional Mixed Martial Artist Lindsey VanZandt of Poughkeepsie, NY is a hard working and dedicated fighter would be a huge understatement. Weighing only 105 pounds, Lindsey is an unstoppable competitor with a big heart and equally huge dream to succeed in the world of MMA. With her impressive striking power, great character and coordinated movements, she has the potential to become one of the best fighters in her weight class. Lindsey recently earned a victory from a King of the Cage match that she agreed to take last minute with little time to prepare for the fight. Proving that Lindsey doesn’t ‘get ready for fights’, she stays ready due to her commitment to being a professional fighter. Despite such a short notice, Lindsey won the victory by a second-round knockout that improved her professional fighting record to 4-1. It’s evident that Lindsey has no plan on stopping until she becomes a champion of the sport and we’re willing to wait.


Lindsey Training with Precision Boxing Coach Crazy Jon

While Lindsey most certainly some pretty impressive attributes as an unmatched fighter, what stands out most about Lindsey is her good heart and commitment to the sport. She always has a smile on her face and focuses on the positive aspects of things. It wasn’t always an easy ride to victories and success, Lindsey had to overcome some difficulties in her path that would have set her back if she had not been as dedicated and strong willed. Want to learn more about Lindsey’s story? The Poughkeepsie Journal covered an article about her. Click HERE to read it.

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Dec 102012

Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness

Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness is one of the most unique and fun workouts available.  Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness is a great way to not only get in shape, but to also stay in shape.  So many workout routines are great for a short time and then get stale and boring.  This will never happen at Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitnessas we offer a fast paced and exciting class that will keep you coming back for more.

Pleasant Valley Women's Fitness

Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness instructor Jenny Vitetta


Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness has one of the best programs in the area.  Our instructor Jenny Vitetta is a qualified personal trainer and knows women’s fitness in and out.  She has spent years in the industry and knows how to get women motivated to stay in shape.  She has trained in the martial arts which are a large part of the instruction offered.  The classes are designed for not only fitness but for self-defense as well. 

The classes are fun and fasted paced and only allow women.  You can come and have a great workout without the pressure of a usual gym experience.  Many of the pitfalls of a more traditional gym experience are just not going to happen in this setting.  You will be motivated by the results that will come with consistent attendance and effort. 

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