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Obesity in America has been called an epidemic by many.  Often times the habits and behaviors of adults are the habits and behaviors their children will adopt.  Obesity has become a problem for many families because a parent or both has not practiced healthy habits in either their diet or exercise routine.  Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts is a great place to change this lifestyle.  Poughkeepsei Family Martial Arts provides an opportunity to change these bad habits in the adult and let them become a the role model their child needs. 

Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts

Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts

Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts  offers classes to both children and adults.  Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts is open seven days a week and it’s schedule is built with the needs of families in mind.  The consistency with which you can attend classes is very important, it leaves no excuse to not train.  Time, as simple as it may seem, is one of the most important ways to express yourself and your views.  Time spent at a gym or going to a gym shows the kind of importance with which an individuals views fitness.  If you spend more time idling at a fast food drive thru window then you do at a gym your child will notice, even if it is not on a conscious level.  They will begin to have priorities that will be nearly identical to your own. These priorities need to be rearranged.  Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts can become a way to convey to your child how important physical fitness and overall health is. 

Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts offers classes that are not like your typical gym experience.  The classes are interesting and challenge you in ways that keep it interesting and in some sense evoke a kind of playfulness and sense of wonder that isn’t easy to find.  The classes at Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts are intellectually stimulating as well.  They provide you with the opportunity to learn real self-defense techniques and potentially the chance to compete.  These other goals complement overall fitness goals and can be a real boost when the more exercise oriented parts become draining.  I have personally never been able to lose weight, and perhaps more importantly keep it off, without Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts.  The type of service provided by Poughkeepsie Family Martial Arts is second to none and is what you need to get on the track to healthy living. 

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