Aug 042015

Benefits of Precision MMA

1) The classes
Our classes consist of muay thai, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and vale tudo. Many of these classes have different levels you can take according to how skilled you are. Unlike other gyms, we have several different forms of martial arts and beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

2) Awards for kids
We ask our young students to bring in their report cards when they come in. If you have perfect attendance in the last marking period, you receive a free private lesson. This gives the children motivation to get to school and to get good grades.

Over 40 Report Card Good Grade Reward Freebies and Discounts!

3) Instructors
All of our instructors are experienced in what they teach. The head coach and owner, Brian Mclaughlin has had over 15 years of experience, has been on the Ultimate Fighter, and has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He trains multiple UFC fighters and has won several lightweight champions. Other coaches, such as muay thai coach Karl Nemeth, is the current Trinity kickboxing champions, AKBF muay thai champion and Kaged Kombat featherweight MMA champion.

4) We can prepare you to compete
Our coaches are equipped to make anyone into a competitor. We make sure each competitor is prepared for their journey ahead.

5) Anyone can join
Whether you’re 7 or 50, experienced or not, you can train MMA here. Each person has a class to fit into that works for them.

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Apr 082014

Precision Mixed Martial Arts: Training with Respect

Precision MMA is a gym that sets itself apart from other MMA gyms.  The culture of a gym is one of the most important aspects of training.  A gym can have amazing facilities and tons of space, but if the mindset is off the training is still going to be lacking.  Precision MMA has always made every effort to make itself a place where anyone can learn.  Whether a student is a physical specimen or and average person, Precision makes sure they are included.  Respect for your instructors and training partners and safety is stressed from the start of your first class onward.

Many pro level MMA fighters are starting to embrace a philosophy of training with more intelligence and less full tilt action.  This realization that getting knocked out in practice or not tapping for any reason is starting to show in the marked improvement in technique in all levels of MMA.  Recently Johnny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler had an amazing title fight in the UFC.  Before the fight they both talked about their training regimens and how they prepare.  They both said they focused on lower intensity particularly in sparring .  Avoiding Damage was their primary concern.  This is a strategy that works on everyone, newcomers to world champs.

 Many gyms are all about competition and ego.  The classes become smaller versions of tournaments and the students clash in ways that are not conducive to learning.  Some gyms stress winning to the point that every sparring session becomes a matter of life or death.  This has become the stereotype of MMA gyms and many places do nothing to dispel this notion.  Partners are going for the kill rather than learning and making each other better.   Injuries are frequent and often viewed as a sign of weakness rather than as unfortunate side effect of training to hard.  Theses gyms make the victor feel amazing at the expense of the vanquished, rather than making both gain new and better techniques.   MMA has in some instances become the sport of meat heads.  MMA can be a dangerous sport to train.  It is inherently dangerous to compete in, adding to that danger in practice is not smart.

Poughkeepsie MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

Precision MMA has always taken the greatest caution in creating their class structure.  Technically sound training and execution of moves is stressed.  Safety is also a prime concern.  Many people want to train as hard as possible, especially newer students, and do not realize the damage they could be doing to themselves.  It is on the instructors to ensure that the students are being smart about how they train.  Dangerous techniques can be practiced in a safe way.  You can be put in an armbar or a chokehold and not break an arm or blackout.  You do not need to hurt yourself or someone else in order to train.  In fact if you do injure anyone it will hurt your ability to learn.  Training partners are one of the most valuable assets you have.  Keeping them in class and sharp is how to learn the fastest.  Respecting your training partners health and safety is connected to not letting your ego make the decisions in the gym.  The martial arts are about learning and becoming a better and more respectful person.

Poughkeepsie MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

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Feb 182013
Poughkeepsie MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

I travel far and wide to train with the top martial artists I can find. When I come across a good thing I always try and share it with my students – I’ve lead many Precision MMA students from Poughkeepsie on field trips to some of the top MMA gyms in the Northeast. The comment that gets repeated to me the most during these trips is “That kid with the pony tail is REALLY good!” The long haired fellow in question is of course coach Karl. Striking or grappling Karl’s unique style and innovative techniques turn heads among even the best and brightest of the sport. The popular belief is that Karl was a martial arts protege who was hitting omoplatas and high kicks with surgical Precision from day 1. Few people realize that along the way to his current success Karl overcame deficiencies that would have scared away many.

When Karl first came in to try out class he looked like Kurt Cobain after a hunger strike. He was very out of shape and initially could only take a few classes a week because his body couldn’t handle regular exercise. The experienced students would tie him in knots and the new guys could muscle him around. However, Karl had a secret weapon that would allow him to quickly rise through the ranks and achieve his martial arts goals. He had a thirst for knowledge and enjoyed the journey. While other students would beat their heads against walls if they couldn’t effortlessly tap everyone in class Karl had a smile on his face every time he would get submitted. Rather than taking nights off to party Karl would stay late and ask questions about mixed martial arts. Instead of being discouraged by the lack of immediate promotion Karl prepared himself for a long martial arts journey in Poughkeepsie.

Helio Gracie once said “the primary objective of jiu-jitsu is to empower the weak”. The real magic of martial arts training is the transformation of a student from frail and unassuming to confident and powerful. The unfortunate part is that too often students fall short of fulfilling this incredible change due to frustration or lack of confidence. Karl’s progression didn’t happen overnight, but his passion for the martial arts and belief in his trainers carried him through the trying times. His progress is now a shining example of what is possible if you stay the course and enjoy the journey in Poughkeepsie Mixed Martial Arts.

Technique coupled with dedication can overcome any physical disadvantage. Jean Jacques Machado became a Jiu-Jitsu world champion despite being born without fingers on his left hand, Anthony Robles becomes an NCAA National wrestling champion while having only 1 leg, Helio Gracie became the most influential fighter and martial artist of his generation yet as a youth he had fainting and dizziness so severe he was not allowed to take PE class. Natural ability and physical tools are hardly prerequisites for Poughkeepsie MMA success, a positive attitude and unyielding dedication will more than suffice.

See you on the mat

“When I started I was the skinny kid – I had never done any martial arts training.  I was slower, weaker and less explosive than everyone I worked with…at the time all I really had going for me was that I loved it” – Karl Nemeth


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