May 182015

People seek martial arts training for various reasons whether it is for fitness, competition, or fun there is one circumstance that trumps them all, self defense. Having the ability to protects yourself and others in any given situation is a powerful tool that can help you sleep a little sounder. Many gyms promise these results with no avail. Here at Precision MMA not only are we taught by the best instructors in the Poughkeepsie area,  but also have reviews by real life people using their skills to defend themselves in the street.

Here is one review by KC Edenhofer, who by day is a SUNY NewPaltz R.D. and by night is a Security guard. Not long into his training at Precision MMA did KC use the skills he learned to end a fight that had occurred while on duty.

“I’ve been at Precision for two months and also work security back home. During one of my security jobs a person became irate and was ejected from the venue. When verbal de-escalation did not work, the person attacked me. Using the skills I learned here I was able to take him down safely while making sure no one else was in immediate harm. For the people that are on the fence about joining, jump over the fence and join us because it’s definitely the place to be!”

Rave Review Precision Mixed Martial Arts

Rave Review Precision Mixed Martial Arts


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