Aug 162019
Poughkeepsie’s Brian McLaughlin working with Jim Miller

This past weekend at UFC on ESPN 5, New Jersey’s own Jim Miller faced off against UFC legend and Hall of Famer Clay Guida. Hoping to extend his record of most fights in the UFC, Miller stared across the cage to meet eyes with his fellow UFC veteran. In Miller’s corner stood Precision Boxing and MMA’s head coach Brian McLaughlin. Clay had his brother Jason Guida, who was on The Ultimate Fighter season 8 alongside Hudson Valley resident McLaughlin. This bout was a fan favorite on the card, a fight that seemingly should have taken place years ago; but neither man seems to have lost a stride with age. The fight begins with both men getting a sense of each other’s movement with Miller in a southpaw stance, mirroring Guida in an orthodox stance. Miller threw a head kick and both men engaged in a flurry, each landing meaningful punches. Miller replies to a hard shot from Guida with a left hook. As Guida ducks under the hook, Miller is able to get a secure grip around Guida’s neck and fall to his guard, locking in a tight guillotine choke.

Miller finishes his fight via 1st round guillotine choke.

After both men hit the mat, Jim kept an iron-clad squeeze on Guida’s neck. After a couple of seconds, referee Herb Dean noticed Guida’s hand go limp and stopped the fight. Jim shakes himself out from under Guida’s unconscious body and jumps up on the cage to celebrate in his home state. Miller has been on a tear, winning three of his last four bouts. If you live in the Hudson Valley and want to train with the same coach as UFC veteran Jim Miller, check out Precision Boxing and MMA in Poughkeepsie!
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Sep 012015

In most schools students are forced to make a difficult choice.  Do they want to learn techniques that will keep them safe against a street fight or the cutting edge modern sport jiu-jitsu moves.  The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world is embroiled in a heated debate with each side insisting they are more worthy.  At Precision MMA we have embraced all sides of jiu-jitsu.

This footage is from a typical Monday night.  We begin with our “Vale Tudo” class which focuses on the Gracie Jiu-jitsu self defense method.  This night Dan and Larry were drilling the headlock escape series.  Headlocks are one of the most common attacks you will encounter in a self defense scenario and we have many methods for escape.

Following this class blue belts and above can put their kimonos on and learn the latest in sport jiu-jitsu.  Here Erik drills De La Riva sweeps and back takes.  These are sophisticated attacks designed to work against experienced BJJ opponents.

Old school meets new school on the mats of Precision MMA!

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