Aug 202018

Lack of physical and mental exercise can result in weight gain, fatigue, and poor motivation. An inactive lifestyle will diminish your ability to succeed in even the smallest of tasks and is detrimental to your overall health. Physical inactivity is the leading factor in weight gain and can contribute to depression and anxiety. The less daily exercise performed by individuals puts them at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, two of the leading causes of preventable deaths in America. Adapting an active lifestyle by picking up a sport is one of the easiest methods to kick bad habits, promote weight loss, cure depression and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Training martial arts and boxing is a great way to combat a sedentary lifestyle, as it provides all of the necessary tools to reinforce a happy way of life while whipping you into shape! At Precision Boxing and MMA, we offer a variety of disciplines so that we can accommodate everyone comfortably and help them achieve their fitness and health goals whiling having fun. From looking to lose weight to wanting to train to compete in competitions, we offer it all. Training martial arts acts as a stress reliever and promotes weight lost in practitioners. Martial arts delivers an exciting experience in a ‘no-ego’ environment while shredding the pounds. Check out what Hudson Valley student Rick Leonardi has to share about training MMA to promote weight loss and why he loves training at Precision Boxing & MMA!

Live in Poughkeepsie, New York and looking to lose weight while having fun and learning a new sport? Visit or call 845-392-8495 so we can help you get started today!

Jul 232018

For centuries people have been enhancing their lives through martial arts. The benefits of training can be boundless for people of any age, but can be especially fruitful for children. Enrolling your child in martial arts classes will help them sharpen their focus, build confidence and craft the mental tools necessary to work respectfully with others, believe in themselves and become a contributing member of a community. At Precision Boxing and MMA, we pride ourselves on continuing the deep rooted traditions of instilling lifelong values in our kids martial arts classes. We teach our kids methods to diffuse any potentially dangerous situations, while instilling self defense techniques that will work in real life situations if they have no other options. Most importantly, they learn to respect one another and how their behavior will affect those around them.  We’ve watched countless kids grow from children who misbehave in school, and fight with their siblings into conscious and respectful young adults. Below is a testimonial from long time Precision parent Patrick Simon. Patrick discusses how martial arts changed the lives of his children and why Precision was the best choice for the Simon family.


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Jan 012018

Precision Boxing and MMA will host Sambo expert and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu expert Riely Bodycomb for a leg lock seminar on Sunday January 14th from 12-2pm. Sambo is a Russian martial art. In the native language the word is an acronym for “Self defense without a weapon”. Sambo experts are umong the most highly regarded fighters in mixed martial arts such as Fedor Emelianenko and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Known for devastating throws and leg locks, Sambo is a great addition for any grappler. Precision is constantly looking to further its understanding of grappling and having Riley share his knowledge will be a huge asset. The cost is $40 for Precision members and $50 for non-members. Here is a clip of Riley in Action! Precision Boxing and MMA is the Hudson Valley’s #1 source for MMA located at 51 Burnett Avenue in Poughkeepsie NY

Jan 202017

In the spirit of martial arts this past week Poughkeepsies Precision MMA has played host to several world class competitors in several different martial arts. These guest athletes are athletes that our head coach Brian McLaughlin has trained extensively with in his own martial arts journey.

The first of our guest athletes was King of Pancrase Andy Main who joined us Tuesday for some rounds of boxing against one of the Hudson Valley’s finest boxers Paul Maley. Andy also participated in our jiu-jitsu class that evening, providing a stern test for advanced students and a good learning experience for new comers.

Judo is known as the art of the gentle way and for Precision Boxing and MMA offers one of the finest programs in the Hudson Valley MMA scene. Our guest instructors for the week were Jerry Fokas and Sergey Fedotov who were here for our Wednesday night judo and jiu jistu class. Sensei Jerry Fokas earned his black belt at the age of 14 and his 3rd degree black belt when he was 19. He was also a member of the Dutch National Team and a Champion for the Dutch National Military team. Sensei Sergey Fedotov has been a practitioner of the art of the Gentle way for 15 years and for 10 of those he was a black belt. Both were here showcasing their vast knowledge of judo to a packed class of eager Hudson Valley MMA students.

Sensei Jerry Fokas                                                                                             Sensei Sergei Fedotov


If you are interested in checking out these awesome classes with any of our home instructors and guest instructors in our new and  improved location free for 30 days call 845-392-8495 or visit to get started!

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Jul 142016

Precision MMA has been who the Hudson Valley turns to in order to win fights.  Now we are doing our part in the most important bout of all, 4 year old Amelia is a Dutchess County resident who has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  The costs associated with the treatment are substantial and that’s why Precision is raising money in Amelia’s fight against this terrible disease.

On Saturday July 16th Precision will host a seminar with UFC veteran Jim Miller, Muay Thai champion and Precision Coach Karl Nemeth and Judo Black Belt Dan Danieluc. The cost is just $25 and 100% of the proceeds go to Amelia.

Join us this weekend, learn some incredible techniques and help a young girl overcome cancer!


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Jul 142016

This weekend Precision Mixed Martial Arts head coach Brian McLaughlin made the journey to Las Vegas to corner his student Jim Miller in his UFC 200 bout against Takanori Gomi.  The former Pride and Shooto champion, Gomi is widely regarded as one of the best lightweight fighters of all time.  Jim was in a must win situation against a very dangerous opponent, but rose to the occasion in dramatic fashion.

Jim followed the game plan perfectly and showed off his world class Brazilian Jiu-jitsu taking the back and quickly scoring a crowd pleasing TKO stoppage victory.  This victory made Jim the first fighter in UFC history to earn victories at both UFC 100 and UFC 200!

ufc 200Do you dream of fighting in the UFC?  Precision MMA near Poughkeepsie, NY can help make your dreams a reality. Call 845-392-8495 or visit to get started!


Aug 042015

Benefits of Precision MMA

1) The classes
Our classes consist of muay thai, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and vale tudo. Many of these classes have different levels you can take according to how skilled you are. Unlike other gyms, we have several different forms of martial arts and beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

2) Awards for kids
We ask our young students to bring in their report cards when they come in. If you have perfect attendance in the last marking period, you receive a free private lesson. This gives the children motivation to get to school and to get good grades.

Over 40 Report Card Good Grade Reward Freebies and Discounts!

3) Instructors
All of our instructors are experienced in what they teach. The head coach and owner, Brian Mclaughlin has had over 15 years of experience, has been on the Ultimate Fighter, and has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He trains multiple UFC fighters and has won several lightweight champions. Other coaches, such as muay thai coach Karl Nemeth, is the current Trinity kickboxing champions, AKBF muay thai champion and Kaged Kombat featherweight MMA champion.

4) We can prepare you to compete
Our coaches are equipped to make anyone into a competitor. We make sure each competitor is prepared for their journey ahead.

5) Anyone can join
Whether you’re 7 or 50, experienced or not, you can train MMA here. Each person has a class to fit into that works for them.

Ready to start? Visit us at or call us at (845)- 392-8495

Jun 302015

Improving Kids Lives through Martial Arts

At Precision MMA, we strive to help our students benefit from our classes in ways that don’t just apply to MMA.
Ultimately, the instructors and the parents of the students have the same goal, to help them succeed in life. Instructors develop a unique relationship with students that allows them to communicate on a personal basis that and profoundly effects the child. A unique aspect of Precision’s kids martial arts program is that we ask to see each child’s report card in order to ensure that the lessons we instill in them are carrying over to their academic lives. We incentivize high performance by providing rewards to honor roll students or those who show improved grades. Recently, we noticed that although grades were soaring, attendance was dropping. Precision’s head coach decided to offer free private lessons to any student who had perfect attendance for an entire marking period. The results were seen immediately.


As you can see, one of our students had many absences throughout the year. In the last marking period, there were none. This child was absent about 20 times throughout the 3 marking periods. A school day typically lasts for 7 hours. They could have gotten a lot more out of the school year had they not been absent so many times. If this trend continues, they could be missing up to 500 hours of learning time throughout their high school career. This could be the difference between graduating high school, being an honors student, and even attending college. This system teaches the kids the importance of attendance, which will benefit them for the rest of their lives with college, jobs, and more.

If your child needs that extra push to succeed, call Precision MMA at (845)-392-8495 or go to, they will be motivated in no time!


Jun 302015

Many people do not know that karate can help your child achieve confidence, discipline, and self-determination. Karate has been used throughout Asia for centuries and has benefited children all around the world. There are several misconceptions towards karate, but after reading this article your possible doubts will vanish. Here are 10 benefits of karate for children. 10. It builds self-confidence. As your child advances and gets better, he or she will gain confidence in themselves. When they train, they learn to push themselves and go outside their comfort zones. They also learn eye contact, which for many people even as adults is an uncomfortable and difficult thing to do. 9. It helps with their social skills. Does your child have a difficult time getting along with others? Finding friends? Karate classes expose children to other peers their age and will teach them how to work with others. 8. It gets them involved in an extracurricular activity. Is your child looking for something to do after school? Karate will keep your child busy doing something productive when they aren’t in school. There are many options of extracurricular activities that you can choose from, but karate is one that gives your child the amount of exercise they need every day. 7. Discipline. Your child will learn how to obey and respect authority figures. During karate class, your child will practice referring to authority figures as sir or ma’am, and to follow instructions given to them.   6. It helps to excel in other activities and sports. Karate helps teach you how to breathe correctly and gives you a sense of coordination, which is beneficial with all sports like swimming, track and field, soccer, and gymnastics. 5. It improves flexibility. Your child will become all around more flexible which also benefits other sports. Flexibility is needed for many activities and also for regular every day life. It’s a skill that is important to maintain, and it’s a good idea to start learning flexibility at a younger age. 4. Karate helps children with focusing. Does your child have a rough time staying on task or paying attention? Karate will help your child stay focused. Your child will often be training one on one with a partner, and it is an important skill to be focused and not distracted. 3. Self-defense. Your child will never have to worry about another kid physically bullying them or threatening to hurt them. They will learn many different methods to defend themselves if another child or adult is coming at them, and will be taught that using violence is always a last resort option. 2. It moves them in the right direction. When you involve your child in extracurricular activities, it puts them on the right path and keeps them out of trouble. Often times, troubled kids are those that have too much free time. They don’t have anything else to do but go out and find trouble. With karate, your child will be busy doing a productive activity and staying out of trouble. 1. Encourages children to set goals. Karate teaches kids to create goals for themselves and to strive toward them. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment whenever they receive a new belt, and will learn to work towards their goals knowinng   If you’re still having second thoughts about sending your child to Kids karate classes, take a look for yourself. Start a 30 day free trial at Precision MMA and witness your child acquire all of these benefits. You can reach us at (845)-392-8495 or visit our website at

kids karate poughkeepsoe

kids karate poughkeepsoe