Dec 202012

Salt Point Martial Arts

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Salt Point Martial Arts

The Martial Arts have always been a source of some confusion.  Many view them skeptically and consider their methods outdated or hokey. The Martial Arts can be a great way to get in shape, better oneself and learn self-defense.  However to do this one has to pick the right art, school and instructors.  Many schools promise unrealistic self-defense prowess and crazy new discipline.  These unrealistic claims often come with a hefty monthly bill and an aloof Sensei with delusions of grandeur.  Salt Point Martial Arts is not that kind of school.

Salt Point Martial Arts offers classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts.  The classes are not taught by hacks who have never tested themselves, they are taught by instructors who have been training, competing and teaching the art for years.  The instructors are in many cases still students themselves.  Many of them still seek out instruction from some of the greatest martial artists in their field.  Salt Point Martial Arts students benefit directly from this constant quest for perfection.  

Self-defense is always something that gets attention at Salt Point Martial ArtsSalt Point Martial Arts teaches you how to defend yourself in a realistic, and also safe, manner.  Some schools have you standing alone throwing punches and kicks at nothing.  You will learn not just how to punch and kick but also how to defend punches and kicks at Salt Point Martial Arts.  No unrealistic techniques or moves that only work on people who are smaller and weaker than you are taught, only moves that work against resisting opponents who are of a similar size or larger.  Salt Point Martial Arts understands the real promise of martial arts.  It is not to help the strong stay strong, they need no aiding there, it is to empower the weaker combatant.

Come in to Salt Point Martial Arts today and try our FREE 30 day trial and private lesson.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at or go to

Oct 112012

Mixed Martial Arts near Marist and Vassar College

Are you going to Marist or Vassar college and are looking to get into mixed martial arts?  Do you want to learn general self defense?

Precision Mixed Martial Arts in LaGrangeville, NY is the premier mixed martial arts gym in the Hudson Valley area.  We offer a variety of classes in MMA, Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling.  We cater to the casual hobbyist, those who want to learn self defense, and the competitive athlete.  Our world class instructors consist of BJJ Black Belts, Div I wrestlers, Judo Black belts, Golden Gloves champions, and Muay Thai champions.

So stop in at Precision MMA at 1097 Route 55, Lagrangeville, NY 12540 in between or after your classes at Marist or Vassar College and take advantage of our 30-Day Free Trial and Free Intro lesson!  You won’t regret it!

Jan 112012

Muay Thai in Poughkeepsie Free for 30 Days

muay thai in poughkeepsie

muay thai in poughkeepsie

At Precision MMA you can train in muay thai in poughkeepsie from the top instructors in the region FREE for 30 Days.  Just call 845-392-8495 or visit www.poughkeepsiemixedmartialarts and get started on your FREE training!

Muay thai in poughkeepsie

Muay Thai in Poughkeepsie

Muay thai is a dynamic striking system, also known as the art of 8 weapons it combines kicks, punches, knees and elbows into one incredible system.  The Precision MMA program emphasizes fitness, competition and self defense applications of the art.  No matter what your goals you will not find a more complete program for muay thai in poughkeepsie.

Precision offers different levels of training to make sure every member is getting the most out of there training. If you are a seasoned pro or learning to throw your first punch our champion trainers will make sure you are getting the attention you need.  The Muay thai in poughkeepsie program at Precision also includes thai pad training, heavy bag work and training in a full sized boxing ring!

Head Muay thai coach Karl Nemeth has trained extensively with Kaensak Sor Ploenjit, who is considered one of the very best muay thai fighters to ever live!  In fact, Precision recently hosted a seminar with Kaensak. Only Precision MMA brings world class trainers to teach Muay Thai in Poughkeepsie

kaensak muay thai in poughkeepsie

kaensak muay thai in poughkeepsie

So if you want to train Muay Thai in Poughkeepsie the choice is clear – Precision MMA. Now you can try Precision’s muay thai in poughkeepsie program FREE for 30 Days – just call 845-392-8495 or visit to get started!

Muay thai in poughkeepsie

Precision Mixed Martial Arts

1097 Rt. 55

LaGrange, NY 12540


Nov 162011

If you are looking for self defense classes in the Hudson Valley then you have just found an amazing opportunity. The top Hudson Valley Self Defense school Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY is now offering 30 FREE days!  Juat call 845-392-8495 ot visit to get started.

Hudson Valley Self Defense

Hudson Valley self defense

Hudson Valley self defense


Precision MMA’s self defense program is powerful and proven in real life situations.  Precision students have survived attacks by executing the techniques they train everyday at our Hudson Valley facility.

Precision MMA student Joe Bottiglieri describing a multiple attacker situation late night at a gas station

“During the fight I was able to remain calm and use the fundamental jiu-jitsu techniques in a real life situation”  

Precision student Mike Lavalle after being targeted by a school bully

“If I didn’t train at Precision I would have been in serious trouble, my training really saved my butt”

Precision student Grant Jenkins on his Precision MMA training

“The training I received has helped me a number of times for self defense

The realistic self defense training at Precision MMA is guaranteed to give you the tools to defeat ANY attacker.  Now training self defense at Precision MMA has never been easier.  Just call 845-392-8495 or visit and get started on your FREE 30 Day Trial. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.