Apr 082014

Poughkeepsie MMA

The Lateral Drop is a powerful wrestling move that launches your opponent but requires little in the way of strength or exertion to execute.  It may look like a huge and high amplitude throw, but it is really a technical take down.  It is the perfect move for the smaller or less athletic fighter.  In Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts it can become a powerful weapon in the arsenal of any competitor.


The Lateral drop shown at the beginning of this video is done on Wilson Reis, a pro MMA/UFC fighter and BJJ blackbelt.  Brian Mclaughlin, is a BJJ blackbelt and Pro MMA fighter who hits the Lateral Drop in many competitions.  Brian is the Head Instructor at Precision MMA and has been training in wrestling for some years now to augment his already stellar grappling.  The lateral drop is done from a more or less neutral position.  The over-under is a common spot in grappling and MMA.  When your opponent pushes into you you simply twist and fall to your but.  It may look like a crazy explosive move that only a very gifted athlete could use, but I have seen all levels of competitors use the lateral drop to great effect. 

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