Apr 082014

Poughkeepsie MMA

A great move for MMA that come from the grappling arts is the gift wrap back take .  The Gift-wrap is a powerful move that can be great in terms of what options it can offer in a fight.   This move has been used in MMA to great effect, and usually lead to either the round or the fight being won.


The gift wrap is a very underutilized position in MMA.  It is typically used from the mount and gives the person on top an even more dominant position.  It traps one hand of the fighter on bottom and allows for a huge opening for strikes.  In addition to strikes it leaves open a few submission options.  The wristlock and the armbar being the easiest to hit.  The back take is also a viable option.  The back take is one of the simpler ones to perform and is hard to resist for the bottom fighter.  With very little effort you can control and manipulate your opponent with a gift wrap.  To be gift wrapped is to lose a considerable amount of your mobility, strength and defensive capabilities.  

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