May 302013

Few gyms in the Hudson Valley area of New York offer the eclectic and effective striking art of Muay Thai kickboxing.  Fewer still have a facility which accommodates serious striking training.  Believe it or not, many martial arts’ gyms do not have proper equipment, lack heavy bags, pads, and most do not even have a ring to train in.  At best, these gyms are lacking in some quality training tools, and at worst, they can be overcrowded, chaotic and at times, unsafe.  Many of these problems are due to lack of training space.  Precision MMA in Hudson Valley, New York was already the premier Muay Thai gym in the area, but now that we have added 500 square feet of mat space, we are better than ever before.

The Hudson Valley area of New York has plenty of martial arts’ gyms which claim to offer effective striking, but very few offer the authentic Muay Thai which Precision MMA in Lagrangeville has.  The few that do, do not have the amount of mat space that we have, a

kaensak muay thai in poughkeepsie

kaensak muay thai in poughkeepsie

nd perhaps see no need for increasing it.  Precision MMA originally had a very adequate 3,500 square feet of training space which we have increased to 4,000 feet just to accommodate our students.  Other Muay Thai gyms which lack the space we have can actually be dangerous.  It is difficult for multiple sparring sessions to go on at once in a tight space because different groups of training partners can accidentally collide with each other leading to injuries.  No one wants this and yet, some schools refuse to make renovations to lessen the chances of this happening.  Instead, if they perceive that multiple sparring sessions at once may increase the chances for injury they may only allow one or two groups to spar at once, which wastes the training time of all those sitting on the sidelines waiting for their chance.  Or otherwise, they may allow multiple groups to spar at once without taking the hazards into account, and this could create disaster.  Precision’s Muay Thai program in the Hudson Valley has a spacious 4,000 square feet of mat space for our strikers to utilize, which includes a 20 by 20 foot boxing ring, something that many other schools do not offer.

The extra mat space also allows our Muay Thai students the room to make use of our many different training tools which include a maze bag, an uppercut bag, a heavy bag, a speed bag, a bob bag, a double end bag and a long bag.  We also have a great assortment of focus mitts which get a great deal of usage, as well as multiple jump ropes, a crash pad for practicing takedowns, and a foam roller to help us deal with muscular aches after our hard Muay Thai sessions.

Clearly Precision MMA’s Muay Thai program in the Hudson Valley has been streamlined for success.  We are never satisfied with the bare minimum and are constantly striving for improvement.  Our extra training space has even given our instructors more new ideas for how to increase the quality of our product.  Keep an eye on Precision in the Hudson Valley because there’s more to come in the way of accommodations.

Precision MMA is currently offering a 30-Day FREE trial for new members.  If you’re interested in learning self-defense, getting into shape, and training with the best in the area, then stop in at 1097 Route 55, Lagrangeville, NY or call us at 845-392-8495.  Don’t forget to ask about our free trial and intro lesson!

Jamey Bazes is a lifelong martial artist holding a brown belt in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kenpo Karate.  He also holds a master’s degree from SUNY New Paltz.  He is a student of Precision Mixed Martial Arts in LaGrange, NY (near Poughkeepsie) and a decorated competitor including a Delaware Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu State Championship and a NAGA World Title.  To train with Jamey in Poughkeepsie NY check out Precision MMA