Feb 082013

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Poughkeepsie martial arts

Poughkeepsie martial arts


When I began training Poughkeepsie martial arts back in 1999 the term “mixed martial arts” was so esoteric that when I brought it up in conversation it was like I was speaking a foreign language. The UFC was off pay per view and no one had aspirations of being a cage fighter.  The few people that did train had the attitude of superiority with their chosen style.  This was especially true of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I remember telling my Poughkeepsie martial arts Jiu-Jitsu coach at the time that I was thinking of wrestling with my high school.  He was very displeased and told me, through his thick Portuguese accent, “Wrestling is all strength, why you want to do?  A wrestler take you down, you choke him”.  That was the line of thinking back then.  My style is better than yours, no need to learn, no need to evolve.

Following the success of The Ultimate Fighter and the subsequent explosion of the UFC, mixed martial arts became a world wide sensation.  Every Poughkeepsie martial arts school, even those operating for over a decade as a single style, became “MMA Gyms” and although the signs outside the gym were painted over, very little changed within the curriculum of these gyms.  The grappling schools added a few heavy bags and the striking schools learned a few headlocks, but few instructors expanded their horizons and rarely were outsiders brought in to even out the program.

I’m proud to say that my Poughkeepsie martial arts gym did not follow suite.  Today we have individual experts in Judo, BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing, and Muay Thai.  There is no sense of superiority of one style over another and a genuine desire amongst the head instructors to absorb everything that each style has to offer.
At Precision “Mixed Martial Arts” is not just a marketing ploy.  December 11th was a big day for our competition team.  It started off when Derrick Feliciano (Little “D”) won his scholastic wrestling tournament.  Later in the evening coach Karl Nemeth won the 155 pound AKBF Muay Thai title and John Joy won the 160 pound AKBF Boxing title.  At the event I found out that Will Nagy took home 1st place at the Fort Dix Combatives tournament (combatives is a military hand to hand fighting styling mixing grappling and striking).  Not only did we have four competitors take home gold, they competed in four distinct styles of martial arts.  From grappling to striking they were all able to successfully compete while training under one roof.  In addition, the competitors they defeated were specialized in only their one discipline.  I’m very happy to say Precision has risen above the dogmatic thinking of the past and evolved into one of the only true MMA gyms in the Poughkeepsie martial arts world.  Although the results are pleasing our journey is far from its destination.  Remember to keep your eyes open and absorb all that the martial arts world has to offer – regardless of what “style” may be attached to it.
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