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Hudson Valley Martial Arts Thrives at Precision MMA

Precision MMA is a unique Hudson Vally martial arts school. Unlike other martial arts schools which specialize in a particular style of martial arts, Precision has a diverse curriculum including wrestling, boxing, muay thai, Mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Hudson Valley martial arts

Hudson Vally martial arts

Precision MMA competitors have been hard at work across the Hudson Valley in the ring and on the mats. Gabe Khoury, in his first year of Hudson Valley wrestling, took home the JV section 1 wrestling title!  Gabe wasn’t the only one tearing up the wrestling room though, Precision MMA’s Mikey Rooney also won section 1 gold and will now go on to compete at the state tournament.  Derrick Feliciano performed very well in the varsity ranks. D beat some of the Hudson Valley’s best at divisionals, making it to the sectional tournament, a run at the state title is surely in his future.

In the squared circle we had John Joy putting his boxing on display at the NY state Golden Gloves.  Joy made the trip from the Hudson Valley to Buffalo and fought a home town favorite.  After getting struck with an illegal blow to the back of the head, Joy fought back and earned a decision victory.  In the second round of the tournament Joy was dominating the first half of his fight, but dislocated a rib after a well placed body shot, allowing his opponent to come back and earn the victory.  Although he fell short of winning the gloves, Joy showed that he belongs among the top amateurs and will be back next year to take another swing at the title.

Also, Precision martial arts purple belt Will Nagy has been putting his skills to the test in combatives competition. Combatives is the US Army’s style of mixed martial arts specifically developed for real world combat.  Will trained at Precision since his freshman year at West Point, he recently took part in the Fort Hood Combatives tournament at 185 pounds and took home the title.  He sent me an email thanking everyone at Precision for helping him through the years:

“Hey Brian, I just wanted to let you know that winning that martial arts tournament was a huge deal for me in terms of my career and setting myself apart from my peers, which is very difficult to do as a lieutenant. I got recognized by colonels and generals for winning, I was the only officer to win, and I’ve been put up for a non-valorous medal for winning it. I’m also going to be put on special duty for a few moths to exclusively train to represent fort hood at the all army tournament. Most importantly it gives me a level of respect and credibility with my soldiers that would have taken months or years to build up otherwise. I couldn’t have done it without you and everyone at Precision!”

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Feb 052013

Dutchess County MMA – Fight Stories from Precision MMA

Dutchess County MMA

Dutchess County MMA

Brian McLaughlin is the head instructor at Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY.  He is also Dutchess County’s only Pro MMA champion.  This is his story about winning his second MMA title in Ring of Combat.

Going into Ring of Combat 17 I was tired – both physically and mentally.  MMA Competition is an exhilarating experience.  You are in a high pressure situation and your skills, abilities and mental toughness are put on display for the whole world to see.  You train hard and prepare yourself physically to the point that you’re in peak condition, but in a way you are never more vulnerable.

In 2007 I was 23 years old and ready to take one the world, I felt like I was the toughest man in Dutchess County.  I started my competitive run in the spring in Ring of Combat. I took on BJJ Black Belt Carmine Zocchi at 170 pounds.  I usually fought at 155 but after multiple opponents dropped out I decided to step up in weight in order to have an opponent.  I used my smaller stature to my advantage by utilizing speed in transitions to lock in a first round submission.  Two months later on a whim I hopped into a 200 pound pro grappling tournament, once again going up in weight for the chance to compete.  I grappled through some tough guys taking 2nd in the division.  A few short weeks later I was back on the mat winning a grappling superfight at the Diamond State games.  All this grappling was really just while I waited for a promoter to offer me a fight.  My opportunity came when I was invited to fight at Ring of Combat 15 in September. The fight was in Atlantic City, a long way from Dutchess County.  An intense and grueling training camp resulted in an easy victory.  A 32 second first round submission made a big impression.  With back to back submission wins in the organization I was now going to be fighting for the title at Ring of Combat 17 and a potential $13,000 purse.

The problem was that the non-stop competition was starting to catch up with me.  Aches and pains mixed with mental fatigue and anxiety about the coming fight.  A few days before the fight I started having trouble catching my breath, I would go into a fit of coughing any time I raised my heart rate.  Sure enough, I had bronchitis.

Warming up for the fight I grappled lightly with my friend for all of 5 minutes and it left me completely exhausted.  I knew my conditioning wouldn’t hold up for a 15 minute fight.  The last thing I wanted was to drive back to Dutchess County with a loss.

Climbing into the ring I tried to project an air of confidence when in reality I was scared to death. My opponent was also riding a winning streak, undefeated in his career. He looked like a walking ball of muscle.  The one comforting thought I had as the bell sounded was “At least it will be over soon”.

I fired one punch and he immediately clinched and threw me to the ground.  I threw up a submission and he slammed me like a pitbull playing with a chew toy.  Then, for just a second he made his mistake. He left one of his arms in my guard.  I quickly seized the opportunity and slapped on my triangle choke, a move that has saved me more times than I can remember.  He tried to slam his way out, but this time I was ready and hooked his leg to avoid being picked up.  Three taps later and I was $13,000 richer.

The real satisfaction wasn’t in the money or the title though – it was knowing that at my most vulnerable, at my weakest, my training was there for me.  This had been my toughest crucible yet and my jiu-jitsu guided me through.

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